Planting Roses And Your Computers Basic Input Output System

how to create your lifeWhat most will do on instinct and for simplicity sake is they have this tendency to wait for others to fulfill their needs, wait for everything to be done for them. This pattern of just waiting for others is just poor habit, which causes pain and suffering in our lives.

At times, it can destroy and end a relationship needlessly, this due to indecision. So this should be reason enough to find out why we do so. At the beginning of any new relationship, you set expectations, you think you’re getting everything you’ve longed for.

This includes what you dreamed of from your early childhood fantasies, you initially get love, attention, affection, excitement. You think that you’ve finally found your destiny in a person, and that all your needs are fulfilled.

You then wallow in the illusion that this will last forever, and that you can just bath in this new found stream of love and energy that flows from this individual.

We Get What We Ask For
Then this thing called reality sets in. It’s now established that in this life, ultimately, we get what we ask for, this every time without fail. Most claim that this isn’t true, as they’ve asked for internal love and freedom, but all they feel is imprisoned.

So what needs to be looked at is how this creation process works, how our subconscious mind obeys to this. Realize that everything which exists is because of the thought forms which first occurred in our mind.

Everything begins with a vision. A thought that turns into energy. Then what every energy wants to do is manifest itself. That this concentrated group of thoughts will work in the same direction at will, then begin to manifest and form in the real world.


The Process Which Is Thought
We, and everything else on this earth is created by the same process. We all use this same process of creation at all times without even realizing it, without knowing that we’re doing so.

When we’re not conscious, what most will do is use this power by creating negative thoughts, which is easier. Once we have these negative thoughts, then what we get back are negative results.

Once we learn to think just positive thoughts, then this particular law of the universe has no other choice than to produce the mirror positive results in your life.

Our Hidden Mind Field
Our subconscious mind is our planetary core. It doesn’t, can’t interfere with whatever it is that we think, sow. It just obeys, it does exactly what it’s told, what you think about, it doesn’t interfere.

Our subconscious mind, the earth that it resides on is completely transparent, honest, and patient. It works in complete silence, working like a servant doing exactly what we ask, what we place into it.

We begin to ultimately realize that we get back the same effort, thoughts, that what we put into this earth, feed our mind fields. Once we plant yellow roses, we expect yellow roses, and not red ones once they blossom.

Expecting Something Else
We all know this, yet we react differently in reality. Although we constantly think of negative thoughts, anger, bad things, but yet somehow expect good, positive things to happen to us.

What we knowingly do is constantly fool ourselves. We always blame others. We look for who’s at fault for our misfortune, we’ll blame our parents, spouse, our kids for whatever wrong that goes in our life.

We then cry, we claim that we’re jinxed, that we never have any luck, that we’re cursed. We look around us, our coworkers, siblings, our neighbor, and think how lucky they are, how blessed they are.

We then wonder what’s wrong with us, what we did wrong to anger the gods, and what these fortunate people around us did in the world to deserve what they get.


We Become What We Think
What you’re thinking of right now feeds directly into your subconscious mind, which then automatically executes exactly what it’s told. This is exactly how the earth works, the simplicity of it.

Your mind is mechanical like a computer. Once you enter into a search engine that you’re stupid, ugly, fat, that no one loves you, then you get angry once the results come back with how stupid, ugly, or fat you are.

But you know better to blame your computer, that it’s not at fault that everything in your life is wrong. The lesson learned is that the information that you input into it, is what you’ll get out. The search engine doesn’t lie, it doesn’t spit bias.

Basic Input Output System
It’s pretty obvious that the computer was designed exactly how our brain works, that what we input into our conscious minds, is what the output is from our subconscious minds.

You need to change the input if you don’t like the output. You should realize that what you get out is exactly what you put into it, all day, all night long.

So don’t get angry with your life. Don’t get upset if you get the wrong colored roses, or begin kicking your computer. Instead, learn how to manipulate it, alter it so you’ll get nothing but positive results in your life.

Begin by just thinking positive thoughts. Think only of thoughts that you want to see happen in your real life. Think only of those things that you want to become true.

The key is to be patient. Then one day, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get it right, that one day you’ll begin harvesting exactly what you sow. The output will be exactly as your input. It will never get lost, so just wait.


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