Review Of The Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop PC

Review On Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop ComputerIf you happen to be an avid online gamer, you’ll then love what this Acer Predator AG3610 Gaming Desktop Computer is able to offer. This system was specifically designed for active gamers as it offers exceptional graphics and groundbreaking speed.

The unit is driven by the latest of processors as well as graphics solutions which are currently available on the market, placing you direct in the heat of the game like you’ve never experienced before.

With the High Definition multimedia and options for managing the media, you can expect superior crisp graphics which instantly makes each and every game an absolute thrilling adventure.

As the game playing moves along precisely and seamlessly, you’ll also be able to enjoy the Acer Predator’s excellent built-in audio card as well as the wireless card which automatically connects to all the wireless networks.

Specification Of The Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer

Item Width: 17.19 inches
Item Height: 16.46 inches
Processor CPU Brand: Intel
Processor Speed: 2.8 hertz
Processor Type: Intel Core i5
Amount Of RAM: 6 GB
Hard Drive Size: 1 TB or 1000 GB
Graphics Coprocessor Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT520 Graphics

Features Of The Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer

Outstanding Gaming Power
This particular computer was built specifically for game fanatics. So what the features of this computer offers is tailored towards online as well as PC based precision gaming.

All of the other computers on the market currently lack in certain areas, making the Acer Predator Desktop PC a true gaming system. Also for its price, there’s no way that you can beat the components that you’re getting with this computer system.


The Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P includes an Intel processor along with the excellent NVIDIA GeForce GT520 Graphics Card. The Acer Predator can also obviously be used for all of your other computer related needs, and isn’t just limited to gaming. This desktop computer workhorse is complete with Windows 7 and a variety of other related software programs which come pre-installed.

Quiet Computer Operation
The Acer Predator runs extremely quiet, which offers an advantage for gamers concerned about exterior noise. Instead of hearing loud fans which are blowing away, you’ll enjoy the quiet whisper like sound that will never interfere with the game playing. Because of this, you as a gamer can place the tower just about anywhere you want, even directly on your desk.

To also ensure that the fans remain quiet, you’ll want to periodically clean the interior of the PC. There are two large built-in fans which can be easily wiped down removing dust as well as debris which won’t get trapped in the small crevices. There are also USB ports along with card slots which face up and can potentially accumulate a lot of dust.

Excellent Ergonomic Design
There’s absolutely no doubt that the majority of desktop computers can obviously offer a lot more power than any laptop can. But they’re also a lot more heavier and a lot more bulkier than their portable counterparts.

Don’t allow these features however to deter you from going with the Acer Predator, as you’ll find this particular PC to be extremely practical for being a desktop model.

Since the USB ports are located on the top of the computer, they can be easily accessible for use. There are also handles on the back of the computer if you need to move it around as needed. There is also a front mounted easy to swap hard drive which adds to the Acer Predator’s versatility. Also, you’ll find that this computer looks great and it won’t be a nuisance or an eyesore in your bedroom or office.

Final Analysis Of The Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer

Expansion Slot Availability
The Acer Predator comes with just one full-size PCI-E x 16 slot. This usually isn’t a problem initially, but may eventually prove to be so in the future.

For instance, there’s a built-in sound card directly on the motherboard, but if you’re ever wanting to upgrade to a better sound system, and the available full-size PCI-E slot is already taken, you’re then obviously out of luck.

Also, if the sound card ever stops working or becomes completely defective and the warranty has expired, then you’ll need the available PCI-E slot to install a new sound card, which may already be occupied.

Fortunately, the majority of the new soundcards which are available today doesn’t require that much bandwidth and should easily fit in the PCI-E x 1 slot.


The Acer Predator has two of these mini slots on-board. There’s also some adapters which are available on the market where you’re able to get the “heavy duty” gaming action sound you’re wanting, instead of just relying on the built-in sound card.

The Acer Predator AG3610-UR20P Gaming Desktop Computer Is Recommended
The Acer Predator Gaming Desktop Computer combines absolute stunning graphics, above average gaming power as well as a sleek stylish design in one excellent unit.

This computer includes a premier high-end processor along with media enhancement, making it an absolute excellent buy for the passionate gamer or anyone looking for a great computer. If you’re wanting to further maximize your gaming experience, you’re able to do so with the Acer Predator.

Since this computer offers an extremely affordable price, anyone who may be looking for an above average computer which is able to offer stunning graphics and multimedia will absolutely love what the Acer Predator has to offer.

Along with the superb premium design, the state-of-the-art technology which is housed with the most advanced graphics card and processors, you can expect nothing short of high-end game playing perfection from the Acer Predator.

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