Rising Above The Spitefulness And The Vicious Backstabbing

how not to be spitefulResentment is a trait which includes a number of undesirable behaviors. Once you consciously begin thinking how you come across to others, with anyone and everyone that you interact with on a daily basis, what you should be able to do is avoid doing so.

You never want to be accused of being spiteful, but it will rear itself at the most inopportune times, as we continue to repeat it over and over again. This includes a number of negative traits, from not saying what you’re intending to say, or doing so in a harsh tone of voice.

It also includes cynical or sarcastic remarks, gossiping, and on a bigger scale, being outright rude. Spitefulness can also stand in the way of effectively marketing your business, as what and how you say something becomes critical in building rapport.

So think how you come across to everyone that you interact with on a daily basis. Check your attitude to make sure that you’re on your best behavior.

Always Tell The Truth
Your word is your gospel when it comes to building relationships with your friends, family, or clients. It begins from the moment you decide to open your mouth or your business, and it will carry forward.

Telling the truth projects who you are and what your products and services do, which is essential in building a strong foundation. It’s through honesty that you build trust and confidence in the minds of others.

These qualities will help you maintain your current clients who’ll send referrals to you. All it takes is just one moment of blatant dishonesty to instantly destroy your reputation and credibility. So always tell the truth.


Integrity gives others a sense of confidence in you, that you’re a honorable person to deal with. What everyone enjoys is doing business with those who they like, know, and trust.

Have Empathy For Others
Individuals who display empathy has a soft spot in their hearts, and just can’t be mean spirited towards others. They understand that life is difficult, and they won’t be another burden to someone’s woes.

To have empathy, you need to be genuine, be real. For those who are yet to learn this important life lesson, all they do is deliver the daggers inside of them when challenged.

For those who display empathy, there’s no place for resentment to enter the picture. They’ll interact with others only from a foundation of love and understanding.

Let Go Of The Power
Spitefulness manifests itself from a place of power. So in order for someone spiteful to win, they need to make others feel incompetent. Rather than constantly competing with others, why not try to cooperate instead.

Appreciate all the talents that others have to offer. Recognize that there’s plenty for everyone, and that there’s no winner or loser, that everyone can succeed.

Let Go Of Control
Some have a need to control others, a behavior that’s deeply rooted in fear. Closely aligned is the need to manipulate their thoughts and actions, this for their own personal gain.

This is done by doing or saying things intended to intimidate or coerce. Letting go of this will actually allow you to enjoy life more, this by decreasing your stress levels. Realize nothing can be controlled in life except your response to it.

Stop Gossiping
What great minds do is discuss ideas; average minds will discuss events; small minds will discuss people. Gossiping is extremely poor behavior, it’s destructive and a complete waste of time.

You may be thinking that you don’t gossip since you only say good things about others. The truth being anytime that you talk about someone else, whether good or bad, you’re gossiping.


So why not engage in discussion about all your great ideas instead. Your brain can only process one thought at a time, so make sure that you think of great ideas.

Elevate Others
One way of rising above resentment is by holding others in the highest regard. So adopt a mindset of respecting others, everyone, then you’re showing respect to yourself.

Always want more for others than you’re wanting for yourself. Come from a place of gratitude, providing service to others. Realize that this attitude will bring you greater benefits than you could ever imagine.

Refine What You Say
Those not engaging in spiteful behavior are thoughtful of the words that they speak. Studies show that what negative words does is they’ll emanate a lower energy than will positive words.

Negative nasty mean spirited words or thoughts have no place in the hearts and heads of the highly evolved. So engage just in friendly cooperative and kind interactions which builds up others while benefiting all.

Always consciously track the thoughts of what you think and the words that you say. They’ll speak volumes about your character and how others perceive you.

Stop Competing
Spitefulness appears whenever someone adopts a mindset of competition. Those who compete thinks there always needs to be a winner and a loser. Even during a simple conversation, they need to compete on who knows more or who’s better.

Competition is often seen as an inferior act. Those who are highly evolved choose to stem from a place of creation and cooperation instead. They’re confident in their beliefs, while understanding and empathizing with others who might disagree.

Always Own It
Those who are resentful never take responsibility for their actions. Much of their behavior towards others is the manifestation of anger and low self-esteem.

The ill will that they feel is often unleashed upon unknowing others, this in the form of negative comments, rudeness, or cynicism. Those who rise above cattiness owns their actions.

They’ll take personal responsibility for everything that they do, while understanding that everyone, including themselves, is impacted by whatever they think or say.

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