Seven Ways To Remain Happy Stay Calm And Avoid Moodiness

how to improve your moodSome for no reason at all will wake up feeling the blahs, feeling that all they want to do is sleep, or sit and just watch TV or aimlessly surf the Internet. We’ve all been there. Having low energy and thinking that the world is conspiring against us.

We get frustrated and upset for not cleaning the house, not doing the work we should be doing, not having more fun. Perhaps we’re feeling a bit lonely, thinking that our friends or family aren’t supporting us. We dwell on being unhappy, and that no one cares.

You don’t want to be disturbed by the demands of life, so you close yourself off from any contact from the outside world. Once you compare yourself to your friends, coworkers, relatives, or neighbor, they always appear chipper, well groomed, adjusted, and motivated to reach their goals, but not you.

We all have these types of days when we feel drab, become moody, so why do they happen.

Could Be The Hormones
Our hormones are the substances which are produced by the endocrine glands, which influences our bodily functions, this includes our growth and development, mood, and metabolism.

The levels of the certain hormones, especially the ones produced by the thyroid, can be factors in our moodiness. These hormones will fluctuate during the day and month, creating vulnerability and anxiety.

It depends on the individual how they allow this moodiness to effect them. Some will need to rely on prescribed medication to help in regulating their hormones. There are alternative medicine treatments as well.


The Chemicals In The Brain
Some will have brains which are a lot more sensitive when it comes to handling stress. What the most common prescribed antidepressants will do is target the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin.

The reason being that research shows low levels of these chemicals is what makes us moody. However, some will respond to antidepressants, while there’s no or temporary effect on others.

The reason is because of how our brain processes a chemical known as galanin, which is how we’re able to bounce back from stressful situations. The best natural cure is to just exercise more.

The Effects Of Vitamin D
It’s found that what most have is an insufficient or deficient level of Vitamin D in their system. The reasons being a lack of nutrition and not enough exposure to the sun.

Those with darker skin are more vulnerable when it comes to vitamin D deficiency, this because of the skins inability to process the vitamin D that’s provided by the sun. So supplements are recommended.

A deficiency of vitamin D has been linked to moodiness. In a significant study, levels of vitamin D were 15% percent lower in those suffering from mood disorders.

It Could Be The Weather
The less sunshine that we get during the winter can give us the blues, and this is usually pronounced more for some than others.

It’s known that once spring rolls around, moods will elevate with more outdoor activities. We become more cognitively flexible while thinking more creatively, this when it comes to solving our issues.

This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which turns the winter darkness into depression. It’s known to affect our sleep patterns, eating habits, and motivation. There are more women who usually suffer from SAD.

The Stress Accumulates
What our human stress response system was designed to do is respond to acute, limited stresses, which requires some type of physical response. So when our ancestors outran a bear, they could then relax, eat, and go to sleep.


The stresses in our life today are a lot more chronic, while we usually can’t take physical action to end them, so we can’t relax, as there are other stresses in our life which begins to compound.

This includes financial, work, loneliness, constant fighting, long commutes, unemployment, etc., all which comes in waves.

We Just Expect More
Our moods are directly related to what happens to us, as well as how we view our current state of our lives and the direct meanings that we assign to them.

We think we’re working hard while doing the right things, but what we don’t see are any external rewards coming our way. We’re never satisfied with what we think we’re worth, afford that house, car, or vacation like our friends can.

We struggle to find the right friends or partner while others appear to have no issues. We think that life isn’t fair because of these periods of struggle, suffering, or the losses which are inevitable. So when feeling sad because of these events, realize that they too will pass.

So deliberately broaden your worldview while focusing on the good events, the accomplishments in your life, along with the experiences that you’re extremely proud of.

You Constantly Criticize Yourself
Most have a critical inner voice which constantly judges everything that they do, especially when things don’t go their way. This inner critic blames you for everything negative that happens in your life.

If anything positive happens, then you tell yourself “it won’t last long” or that you don’t deserve it. All this self negative talk takes you out of the present moment, and makes you feel miserable.

Negative thinking is considered a form of depression. The first step to fighting this inner critic is becoming aware of it, and then externalizing it. Give it a name such as “grumpy.” Then tell it to back off or just talk back to it.

This inner critic is usually a negatively biased perspective on life, which often has perfectionist expectations. Tell it to take a break, that things aren’t that bad.

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