8 Signs You’re Ready To Start A New Relationship

What all those so called love advisors preach, is before you can truly love someone else, you need to love yourself first. One of the keys to living a complete meaningful life, is to be mindful and aware of yourself and how you fit in with others.

Our lives without a doubt, will constantly be bombarded with a variety of ups and downs. We experience major trauma, hurt and triumphs, so we need to adjust ourselves accordingly.

What we all hopefully do sooner than later, is learn from the mistakes we’ve made and move on with that chapter of our lives.

Our experiences, good or bad, is our training ground so we can move towards a richer more complete life with benefits.

“Know thyself” appears to be the key.

Our first assignment when it comes to becoming a mature adult, is to know who we are. Know how we react in times of duress and wins, so we can flourish and improve as individuals.

1.) – Love Yourself First

Once you’ve established and have a fairly good idea who you are, and realize the influence you have on others and the world. This is when you’re ready to love someone.

This is when we can begin the journey of finding a true long lasting relationship, and offer ourselves.

Realize having an intimate relationship with another person, is the second most difficult relationship you’ll have in your life. The first, is knowing, loving and being yourself.

Then you have the opportunity to live your life to your fullest potential. You can educate your knowledge to another human being, who you’re in the relationship with.

It is however, a difficult process to develop, this healthy bond, which reaches the impression of both individuals.

2.) – Help One Other To Grow

What we eventually become, is a mirror of one another. What we learn are the feelings and behaviors of our partner, without needing to say a word.

What we gain are new perspectives through their vision, which enhances our own. The relationship becomes a win for both, as each benefits learning and feeding off one another.

Our partner’s interests serves us, which becomes fertile ground so we can all learn and grow together in unison.

3.) – Respecting Individual Boundaries

We should still remain unique independent individuals, as our hearts beat differently. Our differences however, should never be less or greater than the other.

It should instead be seen as an opportunity to gain new perspective in life. What a healthy relationship does, is embraces and nurtures uniqueness.


Be wary of those who attempts to control you, constantly tells you what to do. Be aware of they attempting to diminish your individuality, because what you’re doing is threatening their ego somehow.

This happens once you don’t see things their way, or you’re too independent of them. Avoid those who forces you to make you act like them, as that’s the only way they’re comfortable.

A healthy relationship, is when you respect one others boundaries. So what you give each other, is the space you both need.

This can at times, mean being away from one other on occasion, so you can both be alone and adjust. Use this to spend time with friends, or to pursue other interests.

4.) – Have Healthy Dialogue And Communication

What you should feel is free and comfortable, to say whatever is on your mind without the fear of ridicule.

What’s known, is no one will agree with everything you say, so it becomes vital to keep the communication lines open.

Keep it straightforward, be completely honest and not judgmental. Never constantly criticize, shame or blame.

Always listen to the “message” behind what your partner is saying, and not just the words.

Learn to read their expressions and mannerisms, the tone of their voice, their behaviors and actions.

5.) – Sharing Similar Values

Hopefully you’re both on the same page, when it comes to the key major issues of life. These can include family values, children, religious and spiritual beliefs.

What having similar vision does, is creates a mutual understanding on relating to the important “life ” issues once they arise.

This isn’t saying, those who are from different backgrounds, cultures, religions or ideologies can’t flourish.

What these differences can take however, is more time to sort itself out.

This becomes possible, once the values each other carries are respected enough, to make the relationship work.

6.) – Give Unconditional Trust

What having unconditional trust means, is you both have the belief you have what it takes. To overcome any and every storm you face in life, and pass it with flying colors.

To overcome all turbulence, while standing up for and by each other.

Unconditional trust implies there’s unwavering confidence in one another. That regardless of what happens in the relationship, both will remain united and loyal to one another.

You honor and respect each others decisions and commitments.

Always be honest, and remain open to talk, so you can both work out whatever differences there may be.

7.) – All Life Major Decisions Are Shared

What will inevitably arise in any relationship are disagreements. One partner, shouldn’t also be making all or most of the major life altering decisions.

Instead of becoming angry and frustrated once problems do arise, it’s important to get input from one another.

It often takes both sides of the opinion, to reach the right compromise, the proper balance. This by drawing on each others previous experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

Learn to compromise by giving and taking, which becomes an important process when it comes to solving mutual issues.

Above all, each partner should be contributing equally and be respected for it.

8.) – Let Things Go And Move On

Life is all about getting better, growing, changing and transitioning. Nothing ever stays the same, although we want certain things to stay familiar, because that’s when we feel the most comfortable.

All of the twists and turns life throws your way, all the good and the bad, will eventually find its way into every relationship.

What’s needed, are ways to work through these roadblocks, towards the next chapter of your journey. Although frustration can set in, it becomes crucial to work through all of life’s quirky twists.

What a loving healthy relationship does, is teaches you to stand up for one another, to fight the good fight and remain united together. What unity does, is provides balance and strength.

Your relationship should be sacred and precious. What it deserves is your full undivided attention with respect, gratitude, trust and mutual compassion.