Stop Believing All The Lies That You Constantly Tell Yourself

people hanging outThe mind begins to mirror our deception, it fakes as it attempts to tell you to reconsider, to believe things which aren’t actually true. Once we begin defining ourselves by the projections that are created by our minds, we then begin to actually believe the lies.

We then buy into the ongoing fictional drama that we’ve created for ourselves, and then start telling ourselves stories, which convinces us to agree. This based on our fears, mental conditioning, previously adopted habits, while logic and reasoning can also play a part.

We then limit ourselves of our true potential. So it’s time to ask yourself, what are the lies that you’re telling yourself, the lies which are restricting your progress, sabotaging your success and happiness.

There are most likely a series of them, self told lies, which you should be avoiding at all costs. By doing so, you can then begin living the most productive genuine happy version of who you can be.

Lies You Tell Yourself

Thinking It’s Not Worth The Risk
The majority of us would rather just live a life of safety, but the reality is that we all face the same hazards and risks on a daily basis, whether we’re careful or not.

What’s certain is uncertainty, this since everyone lives a life that’s in constant flux, this regardless if you choose to play it cautious or take big risks, the outcome either way is by no means guaranteed.

So make the right choices which puts you above everyone and everything else, even those close to you, those who you love. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself first, then everything that you do suffers.

You Are What You Feel
Whenever you become encompassed by overwhelming emotion, it can feel like it overtakes every fiber of your body, your very being. One thing that’s for certain is that who you are is dictated by your emotions.

You then ask, if we are our feelings, thoughts, and emotions, then once they go away, shouldn’t we then disappear as well. But we don’t, as once these emotions fade away much like a storm passing through, they don’t define who we are.

Worrying About Everything
It’s true that what worrying does is it strips us of our happiness. Is it then possible to end all of this suffering once we realize that this pain begins with us, our own unpleasant feelings.

What if we just change our thoughts, how we react to these exterior issues. What you need to do is ask yourself, what if, as what doing so opens up an entire new world of possibilities.

You’re Not Good Enough
That you’re too short, too dumb, too overweight, etc. Realize that there will always be someone who’s funnier, better looking, smarter, more successful than you will ever be, so it’s impossible to live up to the expectations or the projections of others.

Keep in mind that life is impermanent, once you begin judging your self worth based on physical appearances, doing so will always bring you disappointment. So just stop worrying, this since you’ll constantly be faced with endless struggles of attempting to maintain something that’s just out of your grasp.

No You’re Not Perfect
What you need to do is find the balance between becoming obsessive and doing a good job. What attempting to always be perfect does is it causes pessimism, creates pessimism, creates stress, guilt, and a host of other negative emotions.

Keep in mind that no one is perfect, but it’s the human condition to try to be so, but never achieved. So instead, tackle each issue you face in life with humor, and stop taking yourself so seriously.

You’re Never Alone
Whenever you begin to feel sad or become hurt, you may mistake these emotions as thinking that you’re alone, isolated, that there’s no one else that’s ever felt this way before.

The reality is that everyone regardless of who they are at one time or another, has felt these exact same feelings, these emotions of doom and gloom. Just because you may fail to see the connection, doesn’t mean they’re not there, so learn to take comfort in your interdependence.


Your Past Dictates Your Future
Stop holding on to the past, and also stop beating yourself up because of the past decisions that you’ve made. We’ve all made mistakes, and will do so in the future, some which are embarrassing or harmful to ourselves and others.

It’s one of the only ways that we’re able to learn, to get better, but you do not own your mistakes. The past is history, and continuing to dwell on them will just strip happiness and hope for the future away. So live your life for this moment, right now.

It’s Not Your Fault
Stop playing the victim card. There’s no one else who’s responsible for how you feel right now than you. What we also like to do is blame others for our sorrow.

It’s convenient as what we often overlook is our own responsibilities when it comes to our relationships. What accepting fault does is it improves our credibility, solidifies relationships, while learning and appearing more trustworthy. What it does is it gives us strength rather than looking weak.

I Don’t Need My Friends
Most often, what happens is that it’s our friends who takes a back seat when life gets in the way, gets too busy, when other prioritizes such as our work or family becomes more important.

Spending time with your closest friends is good therapy for your mental health, as they can help you celebrate, consult, and provide support and advice during those bad or down times.

What friends do is they provide support while enhancing your happiness. They reduce stress, as friends are friends since you share something in common. Friends are the only one’s who are capable of giving us constant companionship, and are always on our side.

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