5 Reasons Why Your Current Partner May Break Up With You

Rare now are those times when two people on this planet remain together forever for a lifetime, in this day and age. There’s boredom, incompatibility, inconceivable differences, affairs, the list is lengthy why breaking up with a significant other occurs.

There’s more serious valid issues such as infidelity, physical or emotional abuse, resulting in one losing interest in the other.

This occurs once realizing you both don’t really share any common goals, or don’t have similar interests any longer.

The bliss and the love at first sight that originally occurred, …

What To Do If You’re Being Verbally Abused In Your Relationship

handling verbal abuseWe often hear “sticks and stones won’t break my bones,” but guess what, they can. What words won’t do is leave any measurable physical damage. What they cause is progressive long-term harm. Most underestimate the power of words, as what they can do is slowly brainwash.

Constantly being told you’re too lazy, stupid, or worthless isn’t acceptable. When you hear it the first time it stings, but with gradual progression, as you begin hear it more often, you get used to it. Then you may even eventually begin to believe …

Signs That Your Current Relationship May Be Coming To An End

when to leave your relationshipSo you keep on hanging on. You’re in a relationship and you don’t want it to fail. You’re not a failure in front of all your friends and family. Everything is fine. So you give your relationship all that you’ve got, only to find yourself feeling miserable and unhappy with your life.

What you did was poured out your soul, your life effort into the relationship. You hope that both of you did. But you know deep down inside, that brilliant area where the raw truth resides, your heart remains …

When Alone Refocus Your Life And Get Your Priorities Straight

it's okay to be alone and reflectAny new relationship is created at its core foundation when you’re stationed in the planning stages, this when you’re single and alone. It’s generally thought that most relationships will have a greater chance of survival when you have recently spent some time reflecting, being completely unconnected.

What you do with the downtime becomes critical. If you’re interested in attracting that perfect relationship that you want, then you need to be the best person that you can be, starting with a fresh clean slate.

With each successive relationship that you have, …