How To Recover From Relationship Meltdown After Your Breakup

Melting down means experiencing exhaustion, the motivation dwindles, a loss of interest in something you were once completely engaged in. These meltdowns are usually associated with working environments, but can extend into relationships as well.

Who ever said other than romance novels, we need to be with the same person forever. Irreconcilable differences invariably occurs.

Our fuses burn at different rates, such as attitudes and ambitions, and if there’s no longer a common ground of compatibility, why bother.

Why then bother with the pain or the boredom of clinging on …

What To Do If You’re Being Verbally Abused In Your Relationship

handling verbal abuseWe often hear “sticks and stones won’t break my bones,” but guess what, they can. What words won’t do is leave any measurable physical damage. What they cause is progressive long-term harm. Most underestimate the power of words, as what they can do is slowly brainwash.

Constantly being told you’re too lazy, stupid, or worthless isn’t acceptable. When you hear it the first time it stings, but with gradual progression, as you begin hear it more often, you get used to it. Then you may even eventually begin to believe …