How Technology Is Making Us A Society Of Social Introverts

Whenever you take a stroll around any busy city street, what you’ll immediately notice is everyone is in their own cocoon. Everybody has their head slumped, buried in their smartphones, or have noise reducing, high decibel headphones plugged into their ears.

Regardless if people are walking around, running, working out, they’re now completely immune to the outside world. Completely absent from what’s happening around them.

They’re not listening or paying attention to the actual sights and sounds of their immediate environment.

In fact, you’re most likely wearing earbuds right now, …

Is Your Egotistical Boss The Reason Why You Dislike Your Job

The role of the manager in any organization is to fix mistakes, to overlook operations, to control function and people. But what we know is that some bosses will go beyond their duties, and allow their authority to influence your livelihood. This just to flex their hierarchy muscle, because they can.

What a narcissistic boss with a big ego can do is step beyond their borders, decide to make it personal by reducing you, by verbally abusing you. Whatever your reaction may be, whether you tell them off or you …

Know The Root Of Your Misunderstanding And Find A Resolution

overcoming a misunderstandingMost conflicts can often be traced to a stubborn enlarged ego and a simple misunderstanding. What this pride does is it clouds the issues, this to the point that some will falsely believe that someone, somehow, implies that they’re at fault, so they don’t back down.

They’re accused of being ignorant, lack intelligence, or have a poor grasp of reality. Realism is skittish as it is subjective. Everyone has their own point of view, this based on their culture and life experiences, a collection of reasons others don’t know or …

How To Become Insanely Popular And Adored At The Workplace

likeable at the jobThe workplace for many can be fearful. Do they fit in, hang with all the hip workers, be accepted, as everyone wants to be liked. We are social creatures first, so it’s natural wanting to be accepted by our peers.

But work isn’t a popularity contest, it’s business and not a social playground. But we often place the opinions of who we work with before our professional contributions. We want to be popular, this rather than just doing our jobs as paid. We want to feel welcomed by those we …

These Are The Reasons Why I Really Don’t Like You That Much

getting along with othersThere’s a battle of wits going on right now, this between the introverts and the extroverts who are in situations which predisposes them to dislike one another. This occurs once you meet someone for the first time and initially think, “Wow, I really don’t like you that much, I don’t know why and don’t care.”

The reason being that you could have an introverted personality and the person you’ve just met is a polar extrovert. What introverts generally tend to think is that extroverts are arrogant, egotistical, cocky, and just …