How To Become Insanely Popular And Adored At The Workplace

likeable at the jobThe workplace for many can be fearful. Do they fit in, hang with all the hip workers, be accepted, as everyone wants to be liked. We are social creatures first, so it’s natural wanting to be accepted by our peers.

But work isn’t a popularity contest, it’s business and not a social playground. But we often place the opinions of who we work with before our professional contributions. We want to be popular, this rather than just doing our jobs as paid. We want to feel welcomed by those we work with.

Unfortunately, the dynamics of the working world, where the paycheck comes first, the dissonance which exists between all the different personality types, makes it difficult for everyone to like you.

After all, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your relatives or who you work with. So what you need is to adapt, fit in, as there are a variety of ways, strategies to make yourself more likeable.

Acknowledge People By Their First Name
Everyone likes hearing their own name. They don’t usually like to be called by their title, or “Hey you.” Calling out a name makes them feel special, shows you’re interested in them as an individual.

Extending requests which sounds more like a conversation rather than an order is more human. For instance, going to someone’s cubicle and asking, “Good morning Johnny how are you, would it be possible to get that report by noon?” rather than, “Hey, I need that report yesterday!”

Finding Positivity In All Situations
Negativity and being pessimistic keeps you alone. Bringing your doom and gloom regarding a situation, which is usually unfavorable, is a certain way of alienating all of your coworkers, bringing the mood of everyone down.

So instead, always look on the bright positive side, as things are never that bad. So make positive comments regarding every situation you encounter, and walk around with a jump in your step and a smile on your face.

Being positive alters your aura, changes how others will associate you with, and you’ll become more likeable and popular as a result.

Avoid The Competitive Mindset
We’ve all grown up in an environment that was competitive, that we needed to constantly compete with our fellow friends and peers, this rather than cooperate or create.

Workers compete for sales, recognition, promotions, and most often just to furnish their own egos. The moment that you appear you need to compete for everything, most will resent and avoid you.

Don’t create competition that’s not needed, this for personal or business gain. For instance, don’t go and claim all the credit for a group effort on a project. Never sabotage your coworkers, don’t come across as arrogant, that you’re better than others.

Always Be Willing To Help
What we as people want is to interconnect, get along by helping each other out when needed. We’re evolutionarily conditioned to recognize and then feel better about those we’ve helped, and those who have helped us.

So what results is that the more you help others by extending favors, the more likely they’ll help you back. Building these bonds makes you more likeable. So go out of your way when you have the opportunity, and extend a helping hand, no strings attached.

Getting Close To Others
Most offices have a social policy of inappropriately entering into one’s personal space, crossing boundaries such as touching, which can get in the way of actual business or violate human rights.

But appropriate touching, this between you and those coworkers who you’re comfortable with, breaks down the emotional and physical barriers.

So continue to shake hands to greet someone, or touch shoulders to display empathy or support, this to cement a point that you’re making. Just don’t overstep the boundaries.


Never Gossip
Office gossip is unavoidable, and it unfortunately usually passes as real and routine activity. You constantly talk about that annoying person, or create office politics, but doing so will usually come back and bite you.

These types of conversations won’t win you any long-term favors or respect. If you want to be more likeable while making a better impression, you need to move beyond the pettiness.

Instead, be more genuine with your coworkers if you want to talk to them. Ask them about their families, or what they like to do. Most beyond the walls of their cubicles have no idea who some of their coworkers are, and they’ll like you more for asking.

Remain As Consistent As Possible
You don’t always need to be boring and static, but your behavior and personality should remain consistent. Others will then know what to expect from you, and not write you off as a flake.

So if you are a moody person, at times positive and congenial, and then suddenly turn negative and a tyrant, most will avoid you. You can’t be mean and irritating one day, and then have meaningful conversations the next, you need to be consistent and trustworthy.

To Be Professional
For all, displaying professional integrity should be more important than constantly being in a popularity contest at work. If doing something makes you more liked but compromises your work, then it’s always better not being liked, as work should always come first.

So the key becomes to create a balance of doing your job well while being a good coworker. Being “liked” meaning you fit in well as a good team member, while offering your support.

Being liked might even give you a better chance for that promotion or raise, as they’ll be on your side. Just keep in mind that not everyone will like you, and you also can’t please everyone.

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