Google To Provide Complete ‘Location Based Services’ Social Media

google check in-latitude local serviceWhen Google recently made their announcement and intentions to further dominate the Web usage habits of Internet users, it created some serious ripples to most of the prominent and popular mobile and ‘Location Based Services‘ sites such as Yelp, Gowalla and Foursquare, forcing them to take notice. Other related socially driven site’s such as Groupon and Facebook may be directly affected as well.

So what did Google announce? As you know, they have been reinventing their entire Web presence to cater to and develop it’s various ‘peer to …

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Google Cleans House And Introduces Google Places ‘Open Now’ For Mobiles

google-favorite-places open now qr codesSo most of the discussion this past week revolved around Google and their seemingly annual and recent algorithmic ‘house cleaning’ spin they performed on their engine. This sounds much like a yearly event for them to clean out what they consider as ‘Spam,’ as well as what they deem as irrelevant sites. They may of wiped out a lot of free traffic for you, if you were using for instance, Article Directories or similar sites. They also eradicated the majority of auto-generated, auto posting, weak content blogs that used duplicate …

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