How To Properly Lose That Weight Once The Scale Stops Moving

walking to burn energyIt’s the New Year, so it must be the start of another diet. For the first few weeks, the plan appears to go fairly well. Your motivation is still pumped, the poundage is actually coming off, you feel great. Then beyond that, the needle on the scale stops moving lower.

In an effort to getting the scales going backwards again, you intensify your efforts by cutting back on your calorie intake even more. But then, that doesn’t seem to work either. Frustrated, if you’re like most, you’ll then just give …

Is The Mediterranean Diet A Fad Or Just A Better Way Of Life

all you need to know about the Mediterranean dietBack in the early 90’s, a prominent University released the results which studied the diet habits which bordered the Mediterranean Sea region of Europe.

Their report found that the once thought fats and carbohydrates weren’t really the culprits when it came to heart disease and obesity, but rather more the types of fats and carbs that are consumed.

The findings concluded that eating the proper fats should instead be a base for a healthy effective diet. The proof was lower rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes throughout these areas. …