The Real Dirt Behind Why Your Press Release Is Ineffective

how to propely write a press releaseAlmost everyone who’s involved in Internet Marketing and specifically SEO knows that Press Releases can be an effective marketing method which at the very least, can provide links back to their site.

As a result, they’ll write an informative article disguised as a sales pitch, and will then submit it to as many newswire services as possible. They’ll either do it themselves or hire someone to do so.

But according to the experts within the media publication industry, by submitting these “announcements” in the manner which they are, doing so …

How To Write Traffic Grabbing Press Releases And Raise SEO

how to write an effective press releaseWriting and submitting press releases remains an effective method which can propel your site to the top of the search engine results.

Doing so will bring exposure to your company, or brand, provided that you follow a few defined steps which are proven to work.

The optimization of publishing an online press releases for mass consumption if executed properly, has the ability to increase targeted referral traffic, raise brand awareness and recognition, and provide invaluable search engine optimization. There are several guidelines, however, that you should be following to gain …