Dear Sugar I Know You’re Bad So Tell Me Where You Are Hiding

certain salad dressings can contain added sugarWe all love the taste of sugar, it’s sweet and it jumps and pleasures our taste buds. We also know that too much is bad for us, while also being aware that “empty” calorie sugar is hiding in the cracks and crevices of almost everything that we eat.

At times, we’ll just add more sugar to what we eat ourselves, such as adding cubes of it in our coffee, sweetening a bland tasting cereal destroying its nutritional value, or getting the double caramel topping on our ice cream.

So the …

The Damage That Hidden Added Sugar Does To Your Health

the harm of added sugarPoor memory, developing learning disorders and chronic overeating are just a few of the symptoms that’s linked to the consumption of too much sugar. Continuous studies reveal that these problems are just the beginning, as experts better understand the actual effects and damage that’s caused by Added Sugar. So what is the actual accumulated damage that absorption of too much sugar does to our brains.

One fact difficult to swallow is that North Americans consume on average, over 150 pounds of the various forms of sugar annually. That’s just …