Thank Heavens Summer Is Here It’s Time To Relax And Unwind

enjoy the sunTake a look outside all you sun worshipers and fun seekers, it’s summer, a time where inhibitions and the clothing thins out. But then why do people remain so anxious. Is it because of the guilty pleasure of bathing your skin at the beach, just chilling out.

We live in a society that’s terrified with fright, the fear of diseases or infections, the list is endless. But it’s summer, life is a risk filled with chance, while fate steers our lives. So relax, get groovy, get down and get back up again, have fun and enjoy the hippy summer.

You might just sit quietly with your friends and family, just reflecting on what’s going on around you. There are a variety of ways to cure stress, and a margarita while wearing a straw hat by the pool on a hot summer day is one of them.

The world as we know it is in a vacuum. Your cause may be to rescue neglected animals or to save trees. You might feel obliged to assist the aging, support political causes, or apocalyptic religions.

So use your imagination to engage in the physical, mental, and spiritual ways of enjoying yourself while constraining stress, which can educate and enthrall, making living in this world more appealing and justifiable.

Treat Yourself Better
Your smartphone and your laptop are your workhorses, as they never complain or take a day off. They rarely show expression other than the occasional reboot or battery recharge. They live their lives juiced by alternating current.

But humans are cyclic. We get worn out and need to balance out our life with rest and fun activity. We may somehow manage to work 60 hour weeks, but why, proceed with caution, you might burn out.


We have 168 hours of living every week. During this time, what our consciousness does is it flows wavedly around a 24 hour clock, a continuous cycle which makes us tired, excited, predictable, or annoying, all which are biologically determined.

People are more emotional, so we need rest and relaxation to refresh. But resting for many isn’t exciting, and there’s a certain stigma attached to being lazy, that one needs to keep busy at all times.

Lets Get Physical
Our bodies are designed so that we could and should be active at all times. Moving around, walking, jogging, working out our muscles.

We enjoy nature, we love the water and frolicking in it. We feel invigorated when sunshine feeds our skin. What all these bursts of activity does is they’ll improve our mood and alertness.

But because we choose to work longer hours, or that our employer tells us to postpone our leisure time, decide instead to fight adamantly for your freedom, demand that you need more down time.

Supplement this by going outside and taking as many walks as possible. If that’s not possible, then create a balance by going to the gym, or taking a hot bath to soak the worries away.

Don’t Create Problems Find Solutions
Write down all that’s perplexing you right now, all your problems big or small, and then find the most feasible or economical solution to solve them.

This approach which requires cognitive behavior, is an effective method that’s used for productive personal or corporate problem solving. Since there’s uncertainty, what we require is better planning.

So when life isn’t working, or especially when it is, make it a point to write down what you’re worried about, all the upcoming nuances, and what you can do about them.

Have a plan, or a few plans, alternatives. Study and then evaluate and find out what works, this because how stress, anxiety, and depression afflicts people is they feel a loss of control.


So it’s up to you to have a plan, put all the measures in place so once these issues arise, then you’ll know exactly what to do, so they won’t catch you by surprise or off guard.

Get More Social
We thrive and survive by being social, and summers are one of the best opportunities to spread ourselves around, to meet and greet more. Clinically, it’s our lack of social interactions which promotes an array of illnesses and diseases.

Being alone and solitary has been associated with increased incidences of cardiovascular issues such as stroke, tumors, and increased moodiness and anxiety.

Some will tell you that there’s a certain point as one grows older, which is referred to as the “second” half, where individuals will begin to start reconnecting with those in their lives that they’ve known previously, from their first life.

These are those who they went to school with, worked with previously when younger, and are now reconnecting back with them to reflect, talk about the good old days.

We Are All Interconnected
There are billions of people on this planet, yet there are only a small handful of them that we’ll ever meet. These are the people that we’re somehow interconnected with, that we’re meant to know in our lives.

This has to be for a reason, that we’re fated to be connected with these people somehow. These are our family, friends, coworkers, and foes, all people that we are granted to meet in this world.

So just do your thing, be yourself, stroll your best strut. It’s usually more acceptable to come out of your shell in the comfort of those you know anyways.

Know What Your Meaningful Purpose In Life Is
Plan to do things periodically which you deem are important in your life. We’re not here just to regenerate biological substance, but we’re creatures that’s brimming with creative ideas.

These are the ideas which propels us forward, to grow, to provide more meaning, which makes life more enjoyable.

So expand your imagination to engage into the physical and ethereal world by finding ways of constraining anxiety, and don’t forget the sunscreen lotion. Peace out.

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