The Blundering Plight Path Of The Failing Internet Marketer

why some fail at Internet MarketingThey work hard, they research, tweak a bit of code, create some compelling copy, have those “aha” moments. Another brilliant idea suddenly flashes across their mind, thinking this one, this is the idea that will make them money in Internet Marketing.

Internet marketing can be the most lucrative way to make a living on the planet, as entry is extremely easy and portable. All you need is a desk, chair, computer, Internet connection, then you’re in business. You can then sell to billions of waiting online consumers.

The truth being there are many who have. The Internet has created more success stories than any other occupation in this or any other decade. The reason being the low cost of entry, which is almost nonexistent.

But the majority fail. The reasons are varied, all usually more because of the human condition rather than a slow Internet connection. Poor motivation, procrastination, laziness, lack of drive, low self-esteem, all the usual.

The technical process of Internet marketing is fundamentally easy however. There are hundreds of online consumers right now at this very moment, who are searching for your product or service so they can buy.

The idea is to place your website sales page or content page, banner ad, or text link in front of these buyers, alter their vision, this at the precise moment they’re ready to buy with credit card in hand.

But the majority of Internet Marketers fail these fundamentals for a variety of reasons.


The Shiny New Object Syndrome
Many see Internet marketing as a passage to get out of the rat race, and onto easy street, wanting to navigate their yacht in the Caymans, basking in the glory as they earn passive income off their computer.

Most will however stray away from this focus, but instead spend their time looking for ways to avoid doing work. They’ll procrastinate while searching for ways to be lazy, thus getting nothing done.

So they read all the various “Make Easy Money” sales pages which promises they can make thousands per day before breakfast. A sales page which guarantees massive riches on autopilot. Many will fork out the money to learn this incredible “secret.”

Some of these programs work, many are incomplete, bogus or forgeries. The majority are copycats of each other, but they all have one thing in common, that you actually need to do some hard work to make your first dime.

But frustration sets in, the promised easy “Push-Button” solution to fast money doesn’t come true. Then they’ll buy another money making program, then another, anything that satisfies their greed. Rinse and repeat, as some will spend years in this cycle.

Giving Up Too Soon
This is more human nature than anything else, where many will buy these various money making programs, but will always give up too easily and quickly. Then they’ll say,”Hey, at least I gave it a shot.”

Learning anything new takes time, a lot of trial and error. After all, you wouldn’t expect to perform heart surgery right after reading a “How to guide” in a medical textbook. This profession is no different.

That new Internet marketing method appears plausible in theory, but you haven’t made a penny from it, so you become skeptical. You haven’t made any money because you haven’t tried it, let alone master it.


So give each and every program a solid effort rather than giving up so easily. Take action to find out if it works or not, before you give up.

Then once you find that a money making idea does work, then alter it. Don’t follow the crowd by using the same keywords, or the same niche or landing page. Change things up a bit, be unique, test and tweak, just be different.

Quitting Too Easily
In the beginning, the results may be meager, but what you realize is that the principles of a particular marketing system works. So you pour effort into it, and may actually make a few dollars, but you still think it’s not worth your time.

So you give up, even though you know if you applied your effort, worked out the kinks and scaled it up, that you can make money with it, but you decide not to.

That’s when your inner lazy kicks in, the beast that is procrastination, and you think there has to be an easier way. So you look for a different money making method.

The Money Is In The List
What every successful Internet marketer will tell you is to collect an email list, yet most don’t bother to do so. They think it’s too much work, thinking there must be an easier way around it.

There are a variety of ways to monetize an email list of prospects. Offer them affiliate products, your own products, send them CPA offers. They’re expecting to hear from you.

This isn’t saying go ahead and spam the crud out of the your list, as they’ll just unsubscribe or ignore you.

But if you send out your emails using an autoresponder, sequenced properly, you should be able to generate a sale or two, or provide some valuable information to the subscriber.

Building a focused email list can be the best thing you do. Then you don’t need Facebook ads, Google or Bing SEO, or do Media Buys, as you’ll have an audience on demand whenever you need it.

So What’s Your Excuse
“This is too hard,” or “I’m not smart enough” or “This will never work.” All excuses which are easy to make. But those who are successful don’t make excuses. They know that they will overcome any setback.

The majority who fail don’t bother to adapt, or once they do, they won’t bother to apply them. They come up with reasons why they shouldn’t take action, making failure easier.

The cost of entry into Internet Marketing is relatively affordable. But it takes a lot of trial and error, testing and tweaking, sweat equity effort, while not getting discouraged, this by taking action on a daily basis starting now.

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