The Personal Right To Choose The Direction Of Your Life

Our life begins to function better, more efficiently once we start making our own life choices. But most will continue to struggle by stubbornly remaining the same. To live their lives in sorrow and disappointment, as what they fear is change.

When it comes to children, most choices are made for them, mainly because they need direction at various stage of their upbringing.

Their parents, guardians or teachers will tell them exactly how and what to think, as they dictate their world views whether it’s right, wrong or prejudiced.

As a result, children have little or no say over the macro events of their lives, or what happens to them on a daily basis, as this is what’s expected.

Once this happens to adults, being constantly told what to do, we feel we’re being victimized or bullied.

The ability to make our own life decisions, is the opposite of being a victim.

The concept of making our own choices is extremely remarkable, as it’s a core human right.

What some avoid however, is they know they have this freedom of choice, whether it be impulsive or reactive, but are too terrified to take action.

Being Responsible

Some find it extremely difficult to take responsibility for their failures, the pain they’ve caused to themselves or others, based on the choices they’ve made.

As a result, they end up blaming their boss, spouse, or parents for all their misfortunes, and failing in life.

They acting out of ignorance, doesn’t absolve them of the responsibility for they making poor choices.

Most will just plead ignorance once they make a bad decision, such as driving over the speed limit, and then saying, “Officer, I didn’t realize.”

A Victim Culture

What we live in is a victim culture. A world of blaming others.

It’s usually the other person’s fault we fight, go to war, disagree, get into car accidents, lose money in the stock market, get a divorce.

What victim hood, placing blame on others always does, is makes us feel better.

We pass off responsibility thinking we’re in the right, but it also makes us helpless while perpetuating our problems.


Reversing The Process Of Being A Victim

So what is it you truly want in your life, to consider yourself a success?

A relationship without pain, a peaceful loving family without turmoil, success in your career or business?

If you want any of these things, you need to stop thinking you’re a victim.

Having the right to choose is taking the initiative to create exactly what you want, and not always settling for Option B, because Option A is too hard, or too painful.

Instead, take complete responsibility for all your decisions and the subsequent outcome.

Just Abide

There are universal laws in this world, such as the Law of Gravity, along with other laws which are just as powerful.

One law in particular focuses on helping those who chooses their own actions, while bringing failure to those who think they’re victims.

This natural human law dictates:

• What goes up must come down
• What’s on the inside will always show up on the outside
• Energy always follows attention, and
• Whatever it is you believe in, you can achieve

If you truly think you don’t have a choice and honestly believe that, then you’re right, you don’t.

If you continue to shove the responsibility of your choices and the outcome to others, this law will attempt to teach you to take more responsibility.

It will force you to repeat the same lessons over and over again, until you get it right.

Making Our Own Choices

What we have is the knowledge, freedom, and the technology to create the exact life we want for ourselves.

Most of the external social issues, such as crime, poverty, disease, violence, are the result of making poor choices.

These social problems will persist as long as we believe we don’t have a choice.

Those who make their own choices know exactly what they want, and they know how to get it. They’re in charge of their lives, they take complete responsibility for whatever happens.

What making your own decisions does is it takes confidence, risk and effort, but anyone can do it. Being a chooser means taking complete initiative for the outcome.

You’re in charge of creating what it is you want in your life. You don’t need to restrict yourself, to who or what chooses for you.

The Power To Choose

Often, we think we don’t have a choice. We’re unaware of our power to be able to choose, and the power our choices have.

You’re never stuck, it’s up to you to decide and choose your direction, even if you don’t know what they are yet.

Never allow the lack of information or being impulsive, to force you to do nothing. Assume there are more choices than you’re aware of.

Identify a few of them which are available to you, while realizing you don’t always know what you don’t know. Never settle for the unproductive ones, or what doesn’t serve you well.

Making The Best Choices

Compile all the information and then make the best possible decision, to get the exact outcome you’re seeking.

Evaluate a choice that’s based more on the most likely long-term outcome of making that choice.

Be Creative – Seek out new ideas and opportunities which are beyond the past and the present
Take Calculated Risks – Accept failure and rejection and learn from them, treat them as a part of life, a lesson learned, never take it personally
Become More Assertive – Always ask, state, say what you want, and always directly say “no” to what you don’t want
Be Proactive – Never just continue to react to events, or by habit, waiting for things to happen to you
Set Goals – Clearly define your goals and then vigorously pursue them
Assume Abundance – Never think scarcity. Believe there are always plenty of resources and opportunities. Think positive, anticipate success

Your life is the compilation, the sum result of all the right choices you’ve made, either consciously and subconsciously.

Once you begin to control the process, the right to choose for yourself, then you take complete control of your life.

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