The Things You Do Everyday That Can Drain Out Your Energy

how to naturally increase energyThose who are successful always appear to have that high intense energy. It’s one of their most important traits as they continue to accomplish forward. When asked which attribute in life is most important to them, almost all will place generating high energy as a priority.

This energy just isn’t brute physical strength, but also includes that hard to pinpoint internal drive. So how do these high achievers maintain their superior levels of sustainability while they keep moving forward, leaving mere mortals drained out in their path.

What needs to be determined is why a high level of energy is the key critical factor for achieving success. What they do on a daily basis is they place an extremely high value on the things which activates this energy, while discontinuing the activities which drains it.

It’s realized that this personal energy is generated from within. Although there are external motivational factors of stimulation which can increase it in the short term, but the real momentum of energy is derived internally.

Optimism, along with thinking of opportunities that are ahead of them, is thought what creates this higher energy, while pessimistic thinking can suck it out, even for those who are highly motivated.

The Causes Of An Energy Crisis

It’s about how you treat your body. It’s about how you can generate, sustain, and maintain this energy throughout the day, this by how and what you put into your body and mind to refuel it. It’s one thing to be self motivated, but another to preserve it.

Never Skip Breakfast
Breakfast remains the most important meal of the day when it comes to keeping the energy levels high, which provides fuel for the rest of the work day and beyond.


This because while you’re sleeping, your body uses up all your stored calories to keep your organs working efficiently. This includes keeping the blood and the oxygen pumping through the cells and the muscles.

So it’s really no wonder why you feel sluggish without a nourishing breakfast, this once mid-morning rolls around and you don’t bother filling yourself up with nutrients.

A Deficiency Of Iron
A deficiency of iron is singled out as one prevalent nutritional cause when it comes to sustaining high energy. So if you feel sluggish, moody, weak, and are easily distracted, you may be anemic.

The solution is absorbing more iron into your diet by eating dark leafy greens, lean red meat, eggs, or tofu, which will improve the oxygen delivery to the cells, muscles, and the organs, which increases your energy.

Feelings Of Dehydration
If you feel a bit parched, then the odds are good that your energy levels are also low, this because you’re most likely dehydrated.

It’s known that just a mild level of fluid loss will lower your energy levels, as it forces your blood to thicken. Then the oxygen exchange begins to slow down.

This is the reason why most experts recommend that healthy women drink at least 8 to 9 cups of water daily, while the average male drink up to 12 cups per day, this under normal circumstances.

Just Eat Better
For energy purposes, nothing can be more true than you are what you eat. So if you accommodate a diet which consists mainly of refined sugar, processed foods, starchy carbohydrates, and trans fats, then you’re body is burning through these foods too quickly.


What you then initially suffer are blood sugar spikes right after eating these types of foods, which is then followed by a severe sugar crash and fatigue, sucking out your energy.

Not Being Organized
What no one enjoys is living in a world of clutter and disorder. There’s research which supports that what this clutter and disorganization does is it drains out your energy.

It’s found that those who worked at untidy desks, suffered lower energy and less focus, this compared to those who happened to be organized. What clutter does is it disrupts the brainwaves which are required for better information processing.

Calming Yourself Before Sleeping
What most have a habit of doing is using their laptop or smartphone while in bed, right before going to sleep. What the experts found is that being exposed to light-emitting technology right before going to sleep, disrupts the sleep cycles.

What doing so does is it keeps the body along with the mind in active mode, this when it should be readying for rest. So it’s important to just power down and unplug all devices, this for getting quality sleep which replenishes energy.

A Pessimistic Point Of View
Those who view life with a glass half empty perspective are found to use more energy than the optimistic types. It’s found that constantly focusing on the negative, is a form of anxiety which can wreak havoc.

What’s taxed is both your mental and physical energy, which is also a known contributor to early dementia. So it’s best to focus your energy on the positive instead, and the things that you can control.

Remaining Stationary
Once you’re stressed out and feel lethargic, the last thing that you want to do is go for a workout, such as at the gym, a run, or do a pilates class, etc. You’re exhausted, so you think you’re too tired for doing anything physical.

But that’s found to be contrary. Passing on a workout or any physical activity when you’re tired, actually compounds you being tired. What exercise does is it improves strength, cardiovascular health and endurance, while pumping much needed oxygen into your body, making you feel more alert.

So if you’re feeling low on energy, then the best thing that you can do is refueling your energy by getting some exercise. Even just a quick 15 minute walk during your lunch break will energize you.

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