The Top Cloud Computing Services For Business Reviewed

thinkingofcloudcomputingEveryone by now is aware or may of heard that Cloud Computing for business, specifically for enterprises is the future of the Web. This Internet based technology may just be the most important and best investment that your company can make.

There are however varying as well as valid opinions which seems to swing both ways on how Cloud Computing can actually help a business. Arguments for adopting the cloud or dismissing it altogether both hold water.

Despite which stance you may choose, there are now a variety of quality and proven companies who are currently providing Cloud Computing orientated services for business of various sizes having different requirements.

Like any new Internet development, there are those who are offering effective solutions and are playing a critical role in the development of cloud computing technology. And what may be more important, services as well. What’s listed is a description of best of the current cloud services which are available in this ever changing landscape.

The Top Cloud Computing Services

Evernote Cloud Computing Services
If you take any validity in the opinion of tech based experts, some are believing that Evernote Corporation ( may just be the next big thing when in comes to cloud computing.

What sets Evernote apart is that they’re more social based than others based on their “notes and ideas” saving service, rather than just providing traditional cloud storage services.

When using Evernote, users are able to place all of their important ideas or brainstorms by saving them as “notebooks,” where they can be retrieve at a later date. This is possible because of the easy search and tag functions for items which you save.


Evernote also offers mobile device compatibility, so you’re able to access this information from virtually anywhere that there’s Internet access. This service will also work with nearly every computerized Web accessible device that’s out there.

What makes Evernote extremely convenient is that you’re able to take and save notes from wherever you are while keeping them in full sync and being readily available from any device anywhere.

Amazon’s Web Services
Most view Amazon as the largest and the most dominant online retail site, which is correct. The majority of Web professionals are also now aware of how prominent they’ve become as one of the largest, precise and important cloud storage service providers available online.

This may to some be a controversial choice since AWS recently had a few “newsworthy” awkward and embarrassing mishaps lately, but nonetheless, it still remains as the top and best innovator in the cloud industry.

Amazon Web Services is able to scale accordingly to meet all of the application demands of their users, whether it be just one server or various clusters, offering a convenient “pay-as-you-go,” affordable service.

AWS is instantly able to deploy applications while allowing for fully open as well as flexible control of all your stored data. Because of this, Amazon Web Services continues to be one of the best cloud services providers available. Simple Online Collaboration
Box ( is one of the busiest and most popular cloud services providers. They are constantly tweaking and innovating their services, especially when it comes to mobile applications, and as a result, has carved out a significant market share.

Although Box remains extremely popular as a personal consumer service, they have also rounded up a rather impressive list of businesses and enterprise-level Fortune 500 companies as their customers.

Businesses who are using Box is offered a host of services such as content management and link-based file sharing. Other services include mobile access on Android and iPhone driven devices.

They also offer online workspaces and a variety of administrative controls offering easy integration of existing business software such as Salesforce, Google Apps, and NetSuite. Box offers APIs for custom integration as well.


Dropbox Simply Your Life
Most by now most likely heard of Dropbox ( It has for a while been one of the most utilized cloud service providers out there. Similar to Box, Dropbox offers an impressive mobile based service which is compatible with practically every mobile device OS platform including: Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and Blackberry devices.

Dropbox also provides their business clients with the ability for them to utilize the exact same tools that they’re working with on a daily basis. New users are also able to get started immediately, usually within minutes, while being able to place all of their various services on a single bill along with managing and migrating various accounts.

Rackspace Cloud Computing
Rackspace ( has been around for a while, and if you base it solely on revenue that’s generated, they are just behind Amazon Web Services in size. While that may not necessarily be an indicator of their competence, it’s enough to attract users when it comes to trust over the other major brands.

Although the innovation of their cloud computing services hasn’t advanced that much lately, what Rackspace has launched was OpenStack, which is a Hybrid Hosting service option which offers both managed hosting as well as cloud computing all in one service.

Rackspaces’ strong point has always been their excellent customer service as well as their “Iron Clad” online security measures. There are now over 100,000+ companies who are currently using Rackspace.

Rackspace and their scalable cloud servers which are on an “on-demand” basis, are available with space anywhere up to 30GB of storage, which only requires users to pay just for what they use. The service is also fully customizable with root access, and complete with the company’s renown “over the top” support.

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