Ways On Capturing That Sensation Of Always Being In The Flow

getting in the flow of lifeThere are those cherished moments in our lives when time appears to stand still, and everything just flows. These are the moments where there’s no resistance, where there’s no struggle or fight, no need to force things to happen. This almost like a greater force holds a magic wand and clears a path.

That life is being ironed out in your favor, as all difficulties are shifting, this so everything begins to go your way. What those who are creative, are keenly aware of is, “the flow.” It can mean words spilling smoothly and effortlessly on the page for writers, as each word escapes from the resistant mind.

This flow however is a finicky mistress, as it appears to happen spontaneously. We might be working, doing chores, running errands, or just relaxing watching television or surfing the Internet, and it strikes.

Once it happens, there’s a feeling of calm, relaxation, and alertness, as it’s a state of non-resistance. There’s no struggle of frustrated desires or errant emotions. There’s a feeling of being in tune with the rhythm of life.

To Flow Forward
We feel better without stimulants, our experiences become smoother and more enjoyable. Everyone appears kinder.

We end up getting that ideal parking spot at a busy shopping mall, money generates more easily, all relationships appear harmonious.

We’ve all at one time or another, experienced this buoyant state of being, but it escapes as quickly as it strikes.

Instead, what we experience is stress and anxiety, irritation, setbacks, frustration, all which creates moments of pure exasperation. What’s worse is once we lose this flow, it appears almost impossible to get back.

Getting back this flow can be broken down as a protocol. Once these steps are known, understood, and applied, there are some who claims this flow can be regained at will, to zone back into this harmonious state of mind.

Understanding The Source
What first needs to be understood is that this “flow” solely comes from within you, and not from an external source. It’s not some distant essence or formula that you need to locate and then draw from its resources.

There’s no magical words to recite, potions to drink, as you don’t need to rely on anyone or anything, to make your life fall into this state of flow.

Know it’s your responsibility for the times when you’re in this flow state, while it’s also your responsibility for the times when you’re out of this flow. What most will do however, is blame external circumstances once they’ve lost this balance.

We can’t and shouldn’t be encouraged to feel a certain way such as frustration, this since our emotions can’t be controlled, unless we choose to allow them to.

What needs to be understood is that the source of our flow is our emotions. What feeling in or out of flow, indicates if our emotions are in alignment, or not.

Just Let Go
Once understanding that you are the director of the flow in your life, the key and the first step is to just let go.

Force yourself to let go of all your resistance, this to certain circumstances, or your attachment to specific outcomes in your daily life, along with the desire you have to control everything that happens in your life.

What this can be is challenging, this especially if you happen to be caught in the midst of circumstances which aren’t that pleasant. So work through the moment, stop resisting, stop struggling, stop fighting, and just focus on accepting.


Open Yourself Up
Whenever you can, try to expand your mind by opening your awareness to your surroundings. Tune into what you feel, allowing yourself to become completely immersed in the sensations. Never judge them or attempt to change them, but just experience them.

Be mindful to whatever situation that you find yourself in. Instead of just focusing on the way that you want things to be, stay with the way that things are right now. Be okay and grateful with whatever you’re currently experiencing, this instead of trying to swim against the current.

Always Be Positive
Find something that’s positive about your current circumstances and then focus on it. Tune in to the positive aspects of where you are, and then be grateful for them.

Make sure that you have a gratitude journal to record all these instances in written form, or just intently concentrate on them mentally, while taking a few minutes to appreciate them.

Choosing To Flow
This is when the rubber hits the road. Instead of focusing on why you’re not in the flow right now, choose to get in the flow. Say aloud, “I’m totally in the flow right now.”

Once you begin to experience challenges, say “I’m going with the flow, I’m not going to resist, I will just go with the flow.” And then do so. Never allow yourself get frustrated or stressed out, this by repeat the “letting go” chant.

Mindfully choose to go with the flow. Imagine that you’re a leaf being carried down a swift moving stream. Relax all your muscles by breathing deeply, and just allow yourself to be carried along. Choose to enjoy the ride.

The Flow State
Similar to learning any new technique, it can take time and practice, this before you experience its full benefits. What’s known is that the more you focus on it, the more that you’ll stay in the flow, and the easier that it gets.

Before long, it becomes a habit, as it will seem like an automatic process, and then every day will appear to hold a spontaneous element of flow in your life, this regardless of where you go and what you do.