Ways To Provide Ground Breaking Copy For Your Website Readers

providingcontentontheinternetFor most online, their website or blog is the lifeline for their Internet existence. So if you’re not exactly publishing breathtaking ground breaking informative content that goes madly viral, but providing irrelevant information that no one cares about that offers no value, then you’ll remain dormant.

So once you come to the realization that your online presence can use a refresh, an alteration, there are ways on how you can salvage yourself and transform your online presence into an authority portal in your niche.

One of the biggest mistakes is that most will continue to stuff their content with common keywords. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with tailoring content around keyword research, as it’s a proven SEO strategy, but the content usually becomes nonsensical as a result.

Stuffing keywords has always raised a reg flag with the search engines, while making the content incomprehensible, making it an obvious and tedious practice that doesn’t work. So what’s found is combining a precise balance, a delicate ratio in the content so it’s keyword driven as well as readable and informational to the audience.

The most optimal results appear to be mixing in topics which are driven by trends, industry news, current events, this to create a healthy balance to entertain your readership.

Making Your Site More Popular

Post New Content More Consistently – How often do you actually publish new content on your blog. Is it once a week, month, or every several months, or sporadically whenever the urge strikes you. If that’s your blogging schedule, then your blog doesn’t exist.

It becomes difficult to build a core readership audience if you post too infrequently, going long spells without publishing anything. What you’ll get is the accidental stray visitor every once in a while, and once they see that you rarely post, they have no reason to come back. They think the blog is extinct and will never return.


So what you need is to create a dedicated schedule for publishing information and then stick to it. Commit yourself to providing new unique content on a regular routine basis, even if it’s just 2 posts a week, or a few times a month every Monday for instance. What’s more important is quality and consistency over quantity.

You Self Promote Yourself Too Much – What’s most important is you, you egomaniac you. Know that you’re reading audience usually has absolutely no interest in reading a blog that’s self centered, where all you’re doing is promoting just yourself, that’s what Facebook’s for.

What’s preferred is making ground breaking company related news announcements, describing new product releases, provided that it’s sprinkled with other relevant information.

It becomes tiring to the reader that they need to read posts which are pimped to promote yourself, or describing your achievements. News flash, no one cares.

What you need is to offer your readers content that’s valuable to them. What’s in it for them, something that they can benefit from. Be selfless when it comes this, so your readers will get information that helps them solve their issues. Offer your readers commentary, reviews, or insights on the latest trends in your industry.

The Content Is Poorly Written – Everyone has their own unique strengths and skills, writing or content development might not be yours. Too often, most are forced to wear every hat in the company, be the webmaster, salesman, and the content writer.

If the writing isn’t at par, the posts are unfocused, poorly structured, lack a clear thesis, no supporting points, poor grammar and spelling mistakes, then no one will bother to read it.

Most think that since they know how to type and have something to say, or they know their product inside out, they could write. Know your limitations, and if needed, step away from the keyboard and hire a copywriter.

The Content Isn’t Unique – You’re just too busy, and you can’t find anyone to write that riveting copy for you, or they’re too expensive, so you just rely on guest posts or copy and paste what someone else wrote.

Your visitors will then get the impression that your only goal is to get a quick traffic grab, thinking that you don’t care enough to make quality posts.


What you need to do is make your presence known, it’s your blog and your company, so your content magnifies your authenticity and a voice, which reaffirms authority and ownership.

If you have a regular reading audience, they’re there for a reason, and most likely it’s because they enjoy your content, so it becomes important to get out that editorial calendar and reserve time to write and publish.

Never Bothering To Respond Back – Once readers take the time to comment on a post on social media, or an article on your blog, and they don’t get any type of response back, they may never return.

If you don’t acknowledge back to your audience and their feedback, especially if it’s negative and you’re being criticized, even if it’s just a “like” on a Facebook comment, what you’re doing is missing an opportunity to engage with your readers, and build a following.

The more that you interact with them, by responding and answering questions by giving replies while sharing your thoughts and opinions, the more that it feels like you’re dedicated to them, your readership.

So make it a point to set your blog up so you’ll get automated notifications once a comment is posted. Even if you don’t reply to it immediately, set it aside and make it a priority to respond back.


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