What To Do Once You Don’t Like Your Current Job That Much

how to find your life callingWhat most think is that any job is a good job because it pays. It pays the bills while extending your knowledge base utilizing most of your talents. But careering into an occupation, what’s found is that it’s not quite what most hoped that the job would be.

The commute is too long, the boss appears to be a tyrant and too rigid, while the promise of promotion, or your contributions are constantly being dismissed with a “we’ll I’ll think about it.” So you become frustrated, discouraged, and don’t enjoy your job.

Jobs which has a ceiling, those dead end jobs, for the majority of the working world is a reality. They don’t have the proper skills or education, so they can’t excel or get a raise, so they become pigeon holed.

The only option is to stay as the mortgage and the 3 kids won’t pay or feed themselves, while they can’t give up the seniority or the benefits. As unsatisfying as the work may be, they become resigned, taking all they can get. Now they know why it’s call the rat race.

So This Is It?
What you begin to develop is tunnel vision, the only driver of motivation is frustration, watching the minutes burn off the 8 hour work day, then you can escape, cut loose and run for home.

What you need is to slow down in this situation, step back and then take a look at the big picture of life, and see where you want to go, this rather than obsessing about how mundane your life is.

Realize Where You Are
You need to decide if what you currently do is a job, a career, or your life calling. What’s your sense of purpose, and are you doing it right now. Most likely not.

How and why did you end up where you are, and how is the work that you do part of that. Think of an unique skill that you have, one that no one else can do, this because of who you are, that’s your life calling. That’s the moral, the story of your life.

If you’re wanting a new job, how does that ideal job represent your sense of self, your values, the vision of what your future is, your priorities. Is it possible to turn your current job into that ideal one.

Exploring All Your Options
The first step is talking to your boss about your vision rather than your frustrations. The challenge becomes you need to make your case heard by talking in the same language that your boss does, which is saving money or increasing profit.

You need to present your vision about your work and ideas by linking them directly to the objectives of your job, and not the things that you’re frustrated about, or annoys you. So talk about the potential of the company, increasing revenue, lowering operating costs.

These are the only things which will motivate your boss, by making them look good. Anything else will sound like you’re complaining or being superfluous. What you need is to link your vision with the overall company objective.

Have A Future Plan
If this gets a positive response, then set a timeline to see if any changes are made. Keep your focus by being proactive, and avoid slipping back into limbo, or even worse, feel resigned, while accepting the day-to-day since nothing has changed.

If the boss was negative and didn’t like your ideas, instead of making plans to quit and look for a different job, think out of the box a bit.

Think of other ways to utilize your talents, decide on the true take away of what you want besides relief. Pay attention to what all your options are, as crazy as they may seem, which captures your energy.

See What’s Out There
Possibly look at similar adjacent lines of work, or go to night school, network with those at the gym who are doing what you’d like to do, who are having the type of life that you would like to live.

Seek out role models and mentors so you can gradually change and reorient yourself. What you need is to set priorities, this by making a list about what you want the most. Find other outlets for your creativity, such as starting a home based business.


Develop An Escape Plan
This can’t be done if you’re sulking in your wine glass, or sitting on the couch and angering about yourself. Instead, begin developing a timeline, draw out a detailed plan by drilling out all the details.

Find the money in your rainy day fund for night school, begin connecting with those in the field that you’re interested in pursuing, speak to headhunters on what’s really out there.

The key is to map out exact detailed steps. Rather than just looking for the ideal job, have a 1, 2, and a 5 year plan. Keep your ears pinned to the ground, keep your options open, and once it arises, pounce.

It’s Your Life
All this is obviously easier said than done. What everyone else has are their own escape plans, with similar dissatisfaction and obstacles, including your boss and your coworkers, who are all making secondary plans.

Your discontent is a constantly moving target and your welfare comes first. The biggest challenge becomes taking action, figuring out how to move forward and tackle this frustration, while having the courage to make changes.

What this comes down to is controlling and running your own life, how you listen and react to the voices within, and how the steps you’re taking today, is closing that gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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