Memoirs For A Friend Taken Too Early To The Calling

We live in a crowded environment that’s infested with a variety of vices. They come in the form of “buts,” “ifs,” and “whys,” all which causes the angst of susceptibility. Our mind and body begins to fester with the virtues of decay, which we accumulate throughout our lives.

It’s necessary to root out this carnality, it’s inhumanity, the evils and imbibe righteousness to nourish the vitality of our mind. We do so to lead healthier more saint tranquil lives.

The gates of vices punish with greed, and if they’re not exterminated they will hurt grievously.

These are like specks of dust in our eyes which irritates, yet we crave for more. They are like thorns in our feet which are prickly with excruciating pain.

We need to pick out these weeds from our soul, to avoid the crippling dampening blunt of our hollow spirits.

To Pick Up Vices

True each and everyone of us has to face the consequences of our own deeds, individually, by ourselves.

No one else is responsible for us, so we need to root them out to live a sedentary life, or we begin our demise.

If we’re not alert and don’t care to keep the vices at bay, in time, what they’ll do is fester into ugly statues later on, taking away our once charming demeanor.

What life granted us was to be alert of the current at all times, with no room for negligence.

You can only help yourself lovely lady as you only can.

Wake up from your hazy state of semi-sleep, as you need to adapt to your human environment.

As Vices Become Habits Of Addiction

Know the most damaging vices are the ones tagged to our ego, our greed, envy, anger, selfishness, laziness.

All which graduates into prejudice, antagonizing others, as we become subservient to humans.

What a person who’s inflicted with vices demonstrates, is a lack of faith and vision in every act they do. Everything they once believed in their life dissolves into quicksand.

A life turns into the crack they’re on, which is full of doubt, leading them to a nether world while slowly shrinking their existence.

What vices do is intrudes then violates their consciousness, as their lives shape shifts into ruts because of their addiction.


These come in a variety of types, Mary Jane never smelled so sweet, as styles and trends which are rooted out engulfs their lives.

These pinching thistles need to be removed, otherwise life will become distraught and no longer dazzling.

A person with such disqualifications, will appear as being unstable with a lack of subservience.

The Riddle Of The Vices

For those who chooses to imbibe certain virtues, will thrive in life. It’s similar to a hemming life with glittering gems, for smoother progressive transition.

One can only achieve these sterling qualities by sincerely dismissing their vices.

Some calming virtues of reward includes peace, compassion, forgiveness, humility, determination, love, and command over their senses.

Progression includes a realization of a higher spirit, unselfishness, interfaith, restraint, hope, and all other foundations of a positive being.

To Be Virtuous

Virtues chastens our character and sanctifies the soul, making the present and future life worthwhile.

To achieve this purpose, the cleansing needs to be pure like segregating stones.

Those who are virtuous will resign life to fate, surrendering their faith to the almighty, its majesty.

They earn merit for their livelihood, help the needy, while acting judiciously in every action and dealing.

What they’ll use are pleasing and well crafted words in the language they speak.

Their attributes become pure, which only brings genuine happiness and peace.

Such a character takes one to the realm, leaving just sweet memories in their wake.

To Step Away From The Storm

What’s first needed is a detoxification process, a cleansing from the dross of the vices which resides in their body.

The only way to remove them completely is by resolving them routinely, using willpower and a gross determination for wanting to.

By imbibing these habits routinely and persistently while focusing the energy, is similar to charging the batteries of life on and off.

Removal of all the “buts,” “ifs,” and “whys,” all the vices which torment.

What removing these kinks from life does, is irons out the wrinkles.

To Cleanse The Vices Of Infliction

We reap what we sow, as what being positive does is dwells within, as all deeds are instinctively strengthened.

The universe gave us this precious life at this time and place for a reason, and if we don’t realize our virtues and discernment, we’ve achieved nothing.

Discernment between good and evil, is similar to observing both sides of a coin, adverse and obverse to minimize our worries with foresight.

With virtuous qualities, what our lives become is melodious.

Regardless of what stage of living we currently happen to be at, what we need is to tighten up our loose ends, and let go of the noose.

We shouldn’t nurture the false dreams or box ourselves in our own self made snare traps, where extrication becomes difficult.

We shouldn’t visualize the angst beforehand, without any base or reasoning, and then act in negativity.

What Were Once Habits…

Patiently wait to plan until the time comes near for you to cross that bridge.

On the contrary, because of our virtues, the hands of fate will forever remain on our shoulders.

If all we do is accumulate just few of these virtues, then there’s no need to carry the unbearable load of vices to the end of our rainbow.

Disease can’t be uprooted by medicine alone, as it’s eradication occurs only through the control of ones senses.

The purity of mind which ensures our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Virtues along with good character and attitude are the peerless gems when it comes to our life.

Our bland and barren empty life of despair will then suddenly start to blossom, begin to flow.

The direction of our thinking with the aim of the betterment of life then becomes possible.

Once we become a disciple of change, to strive to get better, the transformation will begin.

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