When Looking To Lose Weight Healthy Foods Which Fills You Up

greekyogurtandapplesThe goal is to lose weight, but we all still need to eat, to replace those much needed nutrients back into the body. We become hungry so we resort to sneaking in a few “bad” foods to solve that hunger, and then wonder why we can’t ever lose weight consistently.

What we’re wanting to do is lose those last few stubborn pounds. The best solution that’s preached is we just need to tweak our diets a bit, while cutting down our portion sizes. The secret they claim is consuming low fat, low calorie based foods into your daily diet.

So the resolve is to find those beneficial nutritious foods which are filling, which stomps out the hunger, while being healthy at the same time, contributing to and not deterring your weight loss efforts.

So what’s been selected are certain foods which fills, all which are capable of delivering the required dietary fiber, essential vitamins, and powerful proteins, so you’ll get the best bang for your bite. You’ll feel full while not gaining weight.

Eat More Oats
What a stomach full of oats does is it makes the tummy happy. Just ask anyone who has a regimen of eating this high fiber breakfast food. What oats will do is they’ll stall that mid-morning hunger, this because they’re capable of absorbing liquid such as milk and water like a sponge, resulting in you eating less calories, yet feeling full until noon.

The secret of oats is that they digest slow, taking a lot longer to work through the stomach, something that the quick instant breakfast cereals can’t do. Oats are capable of quelling the hunger pangs while regulating blood sugar, feeling satisfied for longer.

Eggs Are Good
You should be starting your day off by eating eggs, this for keeping you full during the day. Based on dietary research, those who routinely eat eggs for breakfast, will consume approximately 300 fewer calories during the day, this compared to those who chooses to eat toast or boxed cereal for breakfast.

Health experts brand eggs as a complete source of protein, which are the nine essential amino acids all found in a single fresh egg. They claim that it’s this particular collection of amino acids which suppresses the appetite, telling your brain and body that you’ve full.

Full Of Beans
Beans are proven excellent for your heart, and they’re also ideal for keeping fat off your waistline. Beans are filling because what they do is absorb a lot water during the cooking process, this especially when incorporated into your soups and stews.

Beans are also extremely high in fiber which fills you up quickly, signalling your mind that you’re not hungry. They also provide resistant starch, which is a carbohydrate that’s capable of delaying the release of sugar into the bloodstream, making you feel full.

Potatoes Are Also Filling
What potatoes have generated is a bad rap. What’s found however, is it depends on how they’re prepared. What potatoes contain is starch, so once a spud is baked, boiled, or grilled and not fried, eating them will satisfy those hunger pangs.

Potatoes can fight off hunger similar to how whole wheat bread or brown rice will, this with less carbohydrates. So for health purposes, never avoid eating a well prepared tasty potato.

They also contain nutritional value such as fiber, potassium, vitamins B6 and C, copper, niacin, manganese, and phosphorus.

Try Wheat Berries And Quinoa
Wheat berries have recently picked up steam as being a superfood, this similar to another similar superfood, quinoa. What wheat berries are extremely rich in is fiber and protein, this compared to other grains.

For instance, one single serving of wheat berries is known to contain approximately 6 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. What this means is it contains 12 times more appetite satiating power.

What foods such as wheat berries and quinoa does is they trigger the release of ghrelin, which is a hormone that signals to the brain and the body that the stomach is full.

An Apple A Day
Apples are considered the leading contender when it comes to satiating hunger. What apples contain is a secret ingredient when it comes to the digestion process, which creates a feeling of feeling full for longer. This rare compound is pectin.


According to nutritional experts, the pectin that’s found in whole apples is actually more filling than it’s equivalent in juice. What it also takes is more effort to eat an apple, so your brain and body has more time to register that feeling of being full.

Get Your Fill Of Figs
Figs are naturally sweet, this especially if you’re wanting to cut out refined sugars in favor of natural sugars. Figs are extremely filling with each bite. What you get is that much needed fat for energy without adding calories.

As well as being low in calories, figs are also an excellent source of fiber. Eating a single fig contains around 35 calories and 1 gram of fiber, which stalls the release of sugar into the blood, which prevents hunger pangs from spiking.

Greek Yogurt
What some dietitians have touted is that “Greek” yogurt can possibly be the single best food source to shed pounds. This based on a study which monitored the weight and dietary habits over an extended period of time. What Greek yogurt does is it balances blood sugar which curb cravings while satisfying hunger for longer.

Other studies have concluded that those who opted for Greek yogurt, which is loaded with protein, lost unwanted poundage without needing to change their other habits, such as increasing exercise or altering their diet.

Know that Greek yogurt also contains twice the protein, just a hint of sugar and no whey, this when compared to the other types of yogurt.

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