Why Exercise Is The Best Therapy For A Healthy Mind And Body

learning how to runThe stress compounds and engulfs you. The economy is faltering, the world is in unrest, social injustice and cultural issues are abound. Full time employment is on the decline while personal and global debt increases. We live in a society filled with conflict and it’s not getting better.

Then there’s the internal stress and anxiety that’s caused by our own personal issues. We live in the company that’s characterized by narcissism and “me” first. We’ve become increasingly lazy, getting detached emotionally while glued to our electronic devices.

For whatever reason, we’re not setting ourselves up for success anytime soon, losing hope, and it shows. The majority of us aren’t dealing with our stresses well, which literally keeps awake at night, and the symptoms are beginning to erode.

The Strain Of The Drain
What we find ourselves is drained out, while comparing our successes to others on Facebook, crying in the arms of helplessness, declaring that our lives have no substance, that it’s at a standstill.

All these issues of life that we face, we seek out external help, but we’re often capable of working through these issues autonomously, but usually won’t give ourselves a chance to do so.

It Doesn’t Need To Be This Way
We get knocked down a few pegs, and then we revert back to our childish behaviors, display our destructive actions and our prepubescent mindsets, this long after we’ve graduated into this thing called life.

Since we really haven’t found true self-discovery once everything appears to fall apart, what we do is regress, feigning happiness in an incomplete life rather that learning to heal ourselves.


Lets Get Physical
Then one day you discover that the cure is to get physical. To get your body, every cell and blood vessel activated. You find that doing so is the key and the solution to getting over all your maladies in life.

One of the easiest and most therapeutic solutions is running. Putting on a pair of sneakers and then hitting the pavement. Taking your body for a spin around the block can do wonders for the mind.

So if you’re desperate for a cure to your emptiness, then lace up your runners, put on your headphones and run out the door. Feel the fresh air invigorate your lungs and the oxygen soothe your brain.

Once the endorphins kick in, as science has proven, the true benefits of sweating it out, flushing out the toxins from your latest Friday night, putting the emphasis back in your body, gives you time to resolve.

Physical activity has proven to shift your thinking in the directions that you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards, which will set you straight, forcing you to come up with answers, ultimate solutions on your own.

So dig deep, discover your goals, identify your issues while finding conclusions. Taking a break from the outside world so you can focus on yourself, is therapy at its best. Discover the benefits of physical activity which suits you the best.

Running – Is found best for problem solving. Unless you can find a partner with your identical schedule, who’s willing to sweat it out with you stride for stride, running is usually a solo activity.

It’s you and a good pair of shoes hitting the pavement with your favorite playlist. Going for a run forces you to weight out any situation, this without the distraction of unwanted opinions, forcing you to come up with the best solutions.

Yoga – Is found best when you need to chill out. It could be your work, the hectic home or your out of control friends, as someone or something is forcing you to become too tense to function properly.

Then take out time for a hot yoga class, this if you need to center yourself immediately. You’ll find your zen, as you realize you can’t control others, just yourself. This will bring you peace and serenity.


Kickboxing – This to remove all your frustrations and anger. It’s found that kickboxing is one of the best workouts you can do. Every swift punch removes that angst. Every right hook fuels you up while settling you down.

After all, there’s no other time in your life where it’s acceptable to just go rank and punch the stuffing out of something as hard as you can. The only repercussion being emerging with buffed toned arms. So take advantage of the free release, this instead of bottling up all your emotions.

Weightlifting – Useful to find your inner strength. Your body and your mind is physically capable of handling a lot more than you think, and doing so is exemplified once you attempt any type of Crossfit inspired activity.

So take a class and learn how to lift weights to strengthen your muscles and your mind. If you’re capable of toughing it out for an hour of kettleball or back squats, then you’ll begin to feel invincible.

Spin Cycle – This if you’re needing some tough love. There’s a reason why some are addicted to spin cycling classes, this along with other indoor cycling activities. What it does is it’ll strip you down and then build you back up again.

You’re competing against yourself, pushing yourself harder and your limits further mentally and physically. This once you hear the harsh reality words such as, “All that’s holding you back in life is you.”

What feeling the resistance while climbing that virtual hill, listening to the hard pounding tunes, does is it helps you conquer your own emotional issues.

Barre – Useful for low self-esteem issues. This particular workout is designed to tone and strengthen. So anytime you feel bloated, feeling down and moody, then go book a barre session, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll leave feeling happy.

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