The Key Foundation For Those Who Are Successful Is Hard Work

what winners doWhat we constantly obsess over is reading, writing, and reacting about the lives of others who are a lot more successful than we are, this to the point of obsession or delusion. We all want to take on their lives, our mentors, emulate how they’ve achieved their success.

So we absorb, pick up the habits of these successful individuals and we do so, this to be exactly like them. Regardless of who your superhero might be, one thing for certain that’s found common among them, is that they always take action. They’re never lazy.

What’s found however, which is a sad reality, is that the majority of us regardless of what we do or how hard we think we work, is that we’ll never reach those lofty achievements that they have, not even close.

The main reason being that we are all collectively dreamers and not action takers, as all we’ll do is gather information on how to be successful, but then suffer from analysis paralysis, spending way too much time learning, then procrastinating, and then do nothing.

Just Take Action
What most don’t want to hear but know is true, this since most can’t handle the truth, is that they’re lazy. We also don’t want to be told or be reminded to do something. Realize that one cares if you succeed or not, so it’s up to you sink or swim.

Those who are successful in business, the leaders of industry, are constantly overrun and extremely busy with their work. They’re at the point where they rarely have any time for recreation or getting adequate sleep.

These are the “high achievers” in our society, those who have dedicated their lives to running their businesses, sacrificing their life and limbs for the obsession of fulfilling their quest.

It’s all well documented that, aside from their immediate family obligations, that their work is their greatest passion, where money becomes secondary, and is where they spend the majority of their time thinking and doing.

The most successful of these business leaders, this in technology, consumer, or industry pursuits, those successful executives who have become renown and famous because of their achievements, all admit that they’re workaholics.

The truth being that every successful person who has this immense drive, had to work ridiculously hard, usually sacrificing their health, to get where they are, and there are no other alternatives.

It Won’t Be Handed To You
So what’s required to be adopted early on is working extremely hard to become successful. Just the word “work” sends shivers down the spines of many, since you need to love your work while living to work.

There are those who are constantly working, going beyond their regular routines, this in the search for achieving success. This is usually working 12 hour days, 6-7 days a week.

Obviously, this pace can’t be kept up as health issues will arise, but it becomes instinctive and second nature for them to do so, and it continues throughout their working lives.

Are You That Committed
What it comes down to is time management, if you’re committed enough to spend your spare time reading the business books and blogs, studying the courses, watching the videos, attending webinars and seminars, and then applying what you’ve learned.

How much actual productive work you put in? This is a common question that’s not rhetorical. What you need to do is take inventory of yourself, and be honest about it. Most find that they just spend minutes and not hours to improve themselves.

That’s minutes out of the day that they’re willing to taking any type of action. This dedicated “time” is the difference, the divide between those who are successful and those who are not.

Procrastination Isn’t Usually The Problem
You think that you’ve “wasted” all that time doing those pointless things in your life, otherwise you would have accomplished more in your life and career.


You would be more successful right now, that your life would be more fulfilling, only if you would have allocated all those lost hours more productively, and this lies true for everyone who’s struggling.

The reason for this is simple. If you’re wanting to excel, to accomplish more, and have an outstanding life, what these life goals should be doing is occupying the majority of your time.

What everyone does is they’ll talk about becoming, wanting to be successful and happy in their life. These results can’t be achieved unless you actually do the work, rather than just talking about it.

The Need For Downtime
The point isn’t that it’s all work and no play, that there’s no leisure time allowed, as what’s needed is balance in your life. What we all need is downtime to recharge our batteries.

What we need is to have a bit of fun. So if you happen to be an avid reader and learner of life, make sure it’s not just self-help or business books. Expand to read other literature such as novels, philosophy, etc.

Other instances of downtime includes cooking, emotion provoking cinema, drinking fine wine, watching the ships go by, jogging to escape stress, growing produce in your garden.

Know How To Work And How To Relax
Realize that the time you spend online on the Internet isn’t considered downtime, as it always doesn’t relax you. Doing so isn’t always healthy, as it can make you feel anxious. It’s a cause of distraction or instant gratification, as well as an excuse for not working.

What it takes is time, effort, dedication, and hard work over the long haul to become successful. There’s no other alternate. If you’re wanting to become successful, the key is working hard by taking action. Make your time as productive as possible.

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