Why A Positive Attitude Determines How Far You Get In Life

having a good positive attitudeA positive attitude absolutely shines. The way that you manage your attitude is one of the key components of how far you shift in life and business. This mindset, however, is so strong that no one else but you can alter or mend it, so it’s strictly up to you.

This adage can also become an extremely powerful reminder that you can place in front of others, those who may need an attitude adjustment. There are ways on how we can all develop a better attitude on a daily basis, methods which the leaders of the world use.

It’s been said that our life is what our thoughts are able to make of it. If we happen to constantly think of happy thoughts, we’ll usually be happy, it can be as simple as that.

If we constantly think of miserable or negative thoughts, we’ll then be miserable, and can expect negative returns. If we constantly think of fear, then we’ll become fearful of everything.

If we think of sickly thoughts, we’ll then fall ill more often. If we’re always thinking that we’ll fail at whatever we do, then we’ll certainly fail. Those who wallow in self-pity, won’t be popular and will be avoided at all costs.

You Have A Choice To Think Positively
Not that the universe is advocating you adopt a Pollyanna attitude towards every problem that you face, as life just isn’t that simple. What’s being advocated is thinking positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

Our mental attitude is the power that we all hold in our hands, as reality is and can be changed in an instance, this by a single thought. When it comes to nutrition, for instance, the adage is you become what you eat.


When it comes to leadership, it’s you become what you think. Contrary to what most believe, outside influences usually don’t determine your success or your happiness, it’s your attitude.

It’s how you instinctively react to those outside influences, whether they’re good or bad, is what really matters. So the key is consciously altering your reactions whenever you’re faced with these decisions.

Controlling Your Reactions
Make sure that you see the humor in everything, this especially when things aren’t going your way. Try keeping everything in perspective by looking at the lighter side, and there’s always something that’s funny in everything.

Having self confidence not only helps you to achieve more, but it also makes others want to be associated with you. People are always drawn to someone who’s always upbeat, with a can-do attitude. Those who constantly complain never have a following.

What every leader exudes is a positive self confident tone, having an attitude that failure is never an option. A positive attitude is the core building block, the same confidence that a championship golfer, or a winning quarterback projects every time they go into action.

Always Have A Positive Attitude
Always be focusing on those around you, your coworkers, staff, or team members who you know will follow your plan, your vision regardless of what it is. Eliminate those who are negative and can potentially poison your viewpoints.

Consciously step in and stop all the negative energy if you’re finding yourself spiraling down, or are in a rut. Begin by changing the things around you, break up your regular routine and do things positive which picks you up.

Actively listen to others, but realize and tell them that it takes time to make changes. Hear out what others, your team, is saying, and at times by just listening to them, the problems can dissipate by themselves and things can get turned around.

Be the emotional leader/manager whenever you’re needed, and not allow anyone else to take that role. In a family setting, the parents need to be the emotional leaders, or chaos will rule the home. In business, it’s up to you, albeit you may be reluctant at times.

It’s part of your leadership role, so fine tune and hone your attitude as much as possible. Always be aware of your emotional reactions during external events, then you’ll begin to see a culture shift towards everything positive.


The Prerequisite Should Always Be Attitude
When looking to hire new staff, never make previous experience a priority. You can’t increase your revenue on a consistent basis if you don’t have the ability to get others to implement your vision.

So instead, search for those who have a can-do attitude, who can instantly become a perfect fit for the role, for your company. The skills can always be taught, but a willing positive attitude can’t.

The prerequisite should always be a good attitude. Attitude is the one key that you can’t usually change in your employees, it’s either they have a good attitude or they don’t.

So given that they have a positive attitude with adequate experience, and the ability and the desire to work hard, learn, to do whatever it takes, then everything else can be taught.

Most have tried to instill, attempted to teach a good attitude in others who may have a poor one, and the usual conclusion is that it’s an extremely difficult thing to do.

What a negative attitude will do is pull you and your image down. A positive attitude can pull you through the rough times while energizing you and others to new heights, this to meet your goals.

But it’s consciously up to you, whether you need an attitude adjustment a few times a day, or a couple times a week. Never forget that it’s your attitude which determines how far you go.


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