The Most Common Reason For Failure Is Wanting To Be Perfect

Trying to be perfect at all times, concisely getting every detail right, can be a detriment which can get in the way, when attempting to start or build a business, or when seeking success. What it does is places roadblocks on moving forward.

Doing so forces you to not move forward and take advantage, or not capitalize on an immediate outstanding opportunity.

What some will do is set themselves up with unrealistic goals and expectations, then hope to reach them.

What doing so then does is damages them personally and professionally, because of procrastination. Perfectionism allows making excuses, to not do something they want.

Striving for perfection can also damage self-esteem, feeling that they’re not good enough. Instead, what needs to be adopted is an attitude of striving for excellence, and not perfection.

Accepting that failure can be a great teacher. Discovering that making mistakes, being less than perfect can solve and move things forward.

Get Your Feet Wet
The best way of overcoming perfectionism is by taking action. When marketing, get yourself out there. Illustrate who you are on your website, social media, and by networking.

Don’t wait until things are perfect as they never will be. Everything that you do is a work in progress, so start now. Get feedback, then fix all of the mistakes once they arise.

Keep Demands Reasonable
Avoid setting demands too high, making them impossible to reach, this even under the best of circumstances. Learn to say “no” while deciding to take baby steps forward.

What most will do is set their standards too high, not reach them, then feel like a failure. So the key is to just start average, and then improve from there. Attempting to be perfect is just a mental mind trick.

Set Realistic Goals
Setting high demands on yourself goes hand in hand with setting unrealistic goals. You can’t do everything at once, or at the same high level of quality. Doing the next step, should be the priority.

For major projects, create a to-do list which are easily doable. Once you break things down into easy bite size pieces, then just concentrating on those tasks becomes easier.

Find A Support Network
Find other like minded people who supports what you’re doing. This could be friends, family, colleagues, to get valuable feedback on the projects you’re working on.

If you think that something isn’t perfect, then get feedback from them to get an unbiased opinion. We get so caught up in what we’re doing that things get distorted, so a second opinion is always needed.

Perfection A Work In Progress
Always take action, while adopting the mindset that what you’re doing at this moment is the best thing to do, which is the key to getting started.

Others will find your sense of purpose encouraging, while you develop the confidence that you’re capable of taking action. You’ll then begin taking more risks, working more effectively and efficiently.


Expect Failure
Failure occurs more often that success. Yet, the majority will quit once they initially fail, this when attempting something. Failure is never permanent, and it’s not because of incompetence.

Failure is your signal to change. What it provides is valuable data that you’re doing something wrong. The sooner that you know, the quicker you can reorganize and reset yourself on the right path.

Thinking On The Fly
What’s known is that once you stop trying to be perfect, is when the right opportunity will come along. That you need to start somewhere. Realize where you’re at, and then work your way out of it.

Realize that opportunities are everywhere. Take a look back at the last thing you did that wasn’t perfect, or met your standards. What you did was you found what was wrong, corrected it, and then things worked out from there.

Take Action
Doing something, taking action, putting yourself out there, telling others what you can do for them, telling the world what you have to offer, is better than spending another hour or dollar attempting to make things perfect, while procrastination overwhelms.

No one’s attracted to perfection, but to those who take action. Those who makes things happen. So if you’re attempting to be perfect, you’re just wasting your time, all while your ambition bleeds out.

It’s also important to surround yourself with others who are action takers. What they’ll do is motivate you to take action as well. What you’re doing is witnessing firsthand, the results that they’re experiencing, this by they taking action.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself
What perfectionists will often do is beat themselves up, this by feeling down on themselves because they didn’t take action, or they’re not reaching their high demanding goals.

Perfection is a forever moving target, and impossible to nail down. So learn how to forgive yourself, this once you fail at doing something, or you’re not good enough.

Encourage yourself for being you, and that everything you do is your personal stamp, and be proud you’re taking action. You won’t attract others because of your mistakes, but because you’re brave enough to do something.

Alter Your Attitude
Perfection is defined as the freedom from defect or fault, or the quality or the state of being saintly. Perfection to some, gives them another excuse that things won’t work out.

The words that we use, this to describe what we do, think, or who we are, does is makes an enormous difference in the success that we reach.

So how would you personally define perfection. How about adopting the attitude that you’re perfect just the way you are, that you’re a work in progress. Redefine what perfection personally means to you, and then acknowledge it on a daily basis.