Why Not Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle So You Never Need To Diet

watchingwhatyoueatEvery solution in the dieting industry, what they all preach for long-term weight loss success, is to live a healthier lifestyle, eat better, and have a regimented exercise program. So why not just bypass all the latest diet fads which appear, since what they all have in common is to just improve living habits.

Lifestyle habits which should become routine. Realize that losing weight is more of a thought form, as what following a few changes in your lifestyle does is places you in a better mood, allowing you to sleep better, which turns into extra energy. Before you begin any diet, what you need is to become mindful of it first.

Realize that the most important factor, when it comes to losing weight is how many calories you consume. What’s known is that decreasing the intake of food, is a lot more effective than attempting to increase physical activity.

What cutting down on calories in order to lose weight doesn’t necessarily mean, is you need to deprive yourself of food, as healthy weight loss is more a lifestyle choice, which doesn’t include the word “diet” in it.

Mindful About Eating
You need to train yourself to eat more slowly, this by counting how many times you chew. What dietitians will constantly preach is that the cause of heartburn and indigestion, is forcing food down your stomach too quickly.

So savor your meals, eating slower allows you to enjoy the taste of the food longer, which also contributes to you eating smaller portions. Taking your time becomes more satiating, since the stomach has time to tell the brain it’s full.

When Thirsty Drink Water
One of the biggest sources of hidden calories are in the beverages you drink. At times you’ll enjoy a glass of soda, sports drink, or alcohol with your meals. More often, you’re ingesting more calories than the meal itself.

Instead, choose to drink water with lime or sparking soda with no added sugar. Spruce up the water with sliced fruit or veggies, to give it some added flavor.

Adopt Drinking Tea
Most will eat more often, when they’re not even hungry, but stressed, nervous, or bored. One way to seek comfort, is by drinking herbal or green tea.

What studies show is that drinking infused tea does is gives a temporary boost in metabolism, as it contains catechins, which is a metabolic photochemical. Sipping herbal or green tea also has zero calories.

Dine More At Home
A surefire way of consuming fewer calories, is by eating the majority of your meals from home. What cooking your own meals, does is places you in full control of the ingredients that you eat.

So try to dine at least 5 days a week at home, as you’ll have strict control on the fat that you consume, which leads to successful weight loss.

If you’re too busy with life, then prepare and precook lean protein laced meals on the weekends, such as chicken or fish. Adopt foods such as brown rice, dried beans, quinoa, while using frozen veggies if necessary for quick healthy meals.

Load Up On Vegetables
Bulk up your meals with a variety of vegetables instead of starches and fats, which will keep you full until your next meal. Cut down on white rice and pasta by half, while doubling the vegetables instead.

What nutritionists will constantly recommend is eating more fruits and vegetables, as the best method for losing excess pounds.

The reason for this is because most are usually low in calories, while being high in fiber and water. What this results in is it fills you up sooner, resulting in eating less overall.

Soups And Stews
When you’re wanting to have a starter for lunch or dinner, instead of the traditional bread or pasta, have a salad or homemade soup instead, which you can prepare in bulk.


Another option is you can make a huge comforting batch of broth based stew, and enjoy it as a main course. The key is sticking with homemade chicken or vegetable based broth. Avoid the cream based soups which contains heavy cream or butter.

What having soup as a starter before any meal does is helps in curbing hunger, this especially if you eat it slowly. The best types of soup to prepare are tomato, white bean, minestrone. You can spice it up a bit with chili flakes, while adding plenty of vegetables which contain high fiber.

Calm State Of Mind and Body
What losing and keeping weight off while feeling great, begins with a positive state of mind. What’s known is that those who routinely practices yoga, tends to weigh less while being healthier than those who don’t yoga.

Yoga has plenty to contribute to weight loss because it first gets you moving, while instilling a more positive overall self-awareness of your mind and body.

This helps you in developing a more mindful approach to what you eat, which results in you feeling full sooner, while resisting the urge to keep eating.

Try Getting More Sleep
What snacking while lying on the sofa does is you drop crumbs while adding pounds. What sleeping for an extra hour on a nightly basis does, is leads to weight loss. Research claims up to 10 pounds annually.

What an extra hour of sleep equates to is one less hour of being idle on the sofa, which most likely leads to snacking while watching a hour of television.

It’s estimated that you can reduce your daily calorie intake by around 6% percent by sleeping an extra hour. What’s also known is, what the lack of sleep does is leads to lower energy, which results in binge eating on bad fats and refined sugars.

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