Why Social Media Networking Is The Key To Business Success

using all of the different social media outletsUsing social media effectively can require a bit of elbow grease, but it can definitely increase your bottom line, branding, and marketing efforts. There are some basics to begin with, and that’s using the most common and effective social networks, such as: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and a few others.

By applying less effort than you may think, you’re able to increase your online conversions through genuine “peer to peer” engagement on these various social media principles.

So why wouldn’t you want to be more popular. Using social media can create and then contribute towards an effective “lead” funnel, this provided that the engagement is genuine, original, and specifically tailored for that particular social platform.

So listed are a few tips on developing your online interaction and then increasing conversions through better engagement by using social media. All this without needing to rely heavily on the once important search engines to be found by your target market.

Get Love By LinkedIn
LinkedIn has established a strong foothold in social media catering primarily towards the business sector. So it’s recommended that you share your professional and your business orientated content.

If you need to hire someone, then use the “Careers” tab which will bring in focused employees with potential. Post all of your job openings as well as displaying current employee testimonials.

Use the “Products” tab which highlights all of your various products and services. Also directly display your best customer testimonials and reviews, while soliciting company recommendations.


Interact directly with your specific industry’s most popular groups on LinkedIn. If you can’t find a group for your immediate industry or niche, then you can start one. Always deliver professional level quality content to the group, while constantly interacting with the members, making you an authority in the field.

Twit The Twitter
Twitter is one of the top 10 most popular sites on the Internet for a reason. Twitter is strictly all about engagement. Engaging on Twitter can happen with just one person, or with millions of others.

So search for and find your target market’s largest influences and then begin to directly engage with quality relevant content. You can use external services to monitor how often your brand is mentioned, by using outlets such as Google Alerts, or Twilert.

Make sure that you optimize your tweets by knowing the specific times during the day to tweet for getting optimum effect. So if your target market is primarily stay at home moms, for instance, then you probably wouldn’t tweet them during the dinner hour. If you use a service such as Crowdbooster, what they do is suggest the best optimal times to tweet, this based on previous performance.

Google+ Is Related To SEO
Google knows and controls all, so make sure that you interact on a regular basis with their social network, Google+, since what you’re doing is directly related to the SERPs and their natural rankings.

Google+ Pages are similar to what Facebook Pages are. So begin by not posting the same content on these two platforms. Instead, share content that’s based and tailored specific to that fan base.

Add users to Google+ Circles who happened to circle your page. As a company, you’re only able to add users to Google+ Circles who’s previously added you, but you can add other businesses at any time.

You Go On YouTube
YouTube can be your company’s very own TV channel. YouTube provides you with the opportunity to display what you’re all about, and make it specific to the flavor of your company by creating concise thought provoking videos.

So begin by building “Playlists” of videos which are based around industry needs, as well as topics. Make sure that you optimize the videos by including all of the relevant data which includes, keyword tags, description, and a concise title.

Facing The Facebook
With Facebook, be as visual as possible since all of the most popular of the Facebook posts are usually visual and concise. Various studies support that images or using short videos have a higher rate of engagement than using text on FB.


So rather than bombarding your friends and fans with continuous sales pitches, show the social and fun side of your company such as your office photos. The most annoying thing on Facebook is a sales pitch which appears on a news feed!

Being Active On Social Media
Usually, it takes more effort of execution rather than spending dollars to be prominent on social media, so proceed to be as active as possible, as these sources can present a new and exciting way of getting your customers fired up about your organization.

Reap in all of the rewards and benefits that social media provides when it comes to genuine engagement and brand awareness. Be as original as possible by not just copying and pasting the same content across all the various platforms.

These social media platforms should be viewed as independent messenger workhorses to distribute your content, from various angles, directly to your target audience. Keep in mind to be as consistent as possible when communicating your brand, service, or concern, which will significantly enhance your online digital image.


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