Why The Confirmation Page Is Vital To The Online Sales Process

how to enhance your confirmation pageWhen it comes to Search Engine Marketing, the definition of a conversion is the act, the act of getting your visitor who comes to your site, whether it’s a squeeze, landing, opt-in, or webpage to take some type of action, the action that you’re wanting them to take.

However, there is one minor detail, and that’s if you missed a step in the process, which can avert the optimization process, and overlooking this can also be easy. One area may be as obvious and easy as missing certain details on the lead confirmation page.

To improve your Return On Investment (ROI), when tweaking your pages, what you need to do is track the conversion process. Once someone visits your page, what they exhibit is interest, so it’s up to you to push them through.

These initial exploratory clicks on your site could even be considered flirting. But once the visitor takes some type of action, then they’re committing to something which can be a long term relationship, then it’s completely up to you to keep this as active and healthy as possible.

Once someone does convert on your webpage, what they’re doing is hoping that you can solve their problem, their issue, and that’s an extremely precious commodity.

This when someone decides to buy your latest gadget, requests for more information regarding a service which could improve their business or their life, or takes your free software offer which cures a specific woe.

What you did was sent them into a heightened state of excitement and expectation. You’re the source that’s responsible for creating that excitement. So the key is to extract more out of your confirmation page, which should then increase better conversions that will improve your business.


Planting The Proper Expectations
Make sure that the confirmation page provides support for your product or service, while also setting the proper expectations when it comes to the purchase process.

So tell your prospects exactly what they will be getting, the steps that they should be taking, such as the follow up process, and what they should expect once you contact them again.

When displaying this content that’s placed on the confirmation page, your autoresponder should also be providing a similar experience.

Delivering Superior Support
What your doing is filling your new customer or prospect with hope, so you need to nurture and fulfill this expectation. Directly after someone takes action on your site, such as making a purchase or opting-in, you might try displaying client testimonials directly on your confirmation page. What this does is it solidifies their decision.

If someone requests a demo or further instructions, then on the confirmation page itself, you can provide that information. Also make sure that this content is visible and easily accessible.

What doing so does is it provides support along with a follow-up email once a prospect requests more information. Also know what the most common queries and questions are, and then address them on your confirmation page.

Always Extend Your Gratitude
By saying “Thank You.” Your new prospect or customer took the time and effort to review your webpage, considered all of their options by checking your competitors, read the online reviews, and then they chose you.

This may appear pretty basic, but there are a lot of businesses who don’t even bother displaying the proper appreciation that they should for their new customers time, and gaining their trust. So a little courtesy and appreciation can go a long way.

Set Yourself Up For Future Purchases
Make sure that you also display other similar or relevant products or services to someone who’s recently completed a purchase, this since they may still be in the buying mood.

A retailers dreams is a new customer discovering a secondary product right before, or after they’ve made the first purchase, and then order or buy it as well.


So what displaying other products does is it plants the seeds of interest for potential future purchases, making your customer think that they should return back soon.

Providing The Proper Orientation
This can be used if you’re a software company for instance. Once someone requests and downloads a demo or a free trial, you can provide directly on the confirmation page, specific instructions on how to get started immediately on the software.

One challenge which faces a customer once they download software is the actual adoption rate. It’s easy for them to request a demo, or even make a purchase, but if they’re not using it, then most likely, they won’t remain a client.

So it’s important to constantly remind them why or how they should be using your product.

Remaining As Consistent As Possible
You need to make sure that your confirmation page is an extension of your entire website and your sales page. For instance, if you happen to take a humorous approach, or have a specific color scheme, then the same should be used on your confirmation page as well.

Using Precise Re-targeting
You should be targeting your existing customers and the new visitors who have landed on your webpage differently. Businesses usually don’t bother to include their previous customers in their new re-targeting campaigns, and for good reason.

A tactic that’s often forgotten or dismissed is re-targeting your current client base. For some, this may not make any sense, but this is an excellent way of improving the client engagement process.

Reconsidering Your Options
Although it may appear secondary in the entire sales process and cycle, it’s advised that you review and then revise your confirmation page, and the strategies which you’re using.

This is one element of your SEO campaign efforts which could be optimized quickly and easily, and has proven to provide a greater return.


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