Why Using Twitter For Business Is Good For Marketing

using twitter for businessUsing Twitter for some may be a bit controversial as an effective marketing method. But when it comes to Twitter, there are some companies and marketers who have reportedly achieved a significant amount of success once their method has been refined.

They have discovered the nuances of Tweeting about their company news, announcements, brand, product or services to their followers along with everyone else on the Twitterverse. They have achieved this by having a solid broadcasting plan for their particular business for all to absorb.

The controversy which exists for some marketers is that it needs strict commitment and knowledge to benefit from Twitter. Anyone who believes that they’re going to see an immediate Return On Investment (ROI) right away once they make a Tweet will be disappointed.

But what Twitter does offer are excellent benefits for businesses who are hoping to improve their overall market visibility and particularly their brand. So listed are a few of the methods of using Twitter and how it can help your business grow or get noticed.

Personal “Peer To Peer” Interaction
Twitter is one of the best methods online for personally extending your virtual arm and interacting on a one to one basis with your potential or existing customers with information that you can control.

This type of “Facetime” builds extreme loyalty and trust while simultaneously branding your business. Twitter has the ability to do this better than any other social media marketing avenue available.

Although it may be unlikely that you’ll reach as many customers as you can by using other proven SEO methods of marketing, it makes it possible however to have a better direct personal interaction with your new or existing customers while creating long term personal relationships.


Twitter As A Market Research Tool
Another advantage of using Twitter is that it’s an excellent resource for performing immediate and accurate market research. This occurs when you directly interact with customers one on one, or if you use Twitter to find out what’s “Trending” at the exact moment.

You can also immediately know what others are saying about you, your industry, your company products or brand. This provides for a true and unbiased sounding board where you can find new ideas or help improve your business by constantly adapting.

Twitter As Free Announcement Board
Once you eventually build up enough followers on your account, Twitter can act as an excellent free announcement forum as well as a free press release tool.

Any time that you have a news worthy announcement to make to the general public and your readers, you can just simply make a couple tweets about it, and your announcement will spread.

There’s no need to spend your time or money on releasing costly major news announcements, and unlike a “one-way” static press release, you’re also able to immediately answer any queries that your followers or anyone else may have regarding the news statement by replying directly back to them in real time.

Customer Maintenance And Satisfaction
Twitter also serves as an excellent customer maintenance and satisfaction device as well.

Your instantly able to:
• Immediately respond to any and all of your customers questions or complaints
• Engage with all the customers who contacts you

You’re also able to find new potential customers through Twitters Search feature who may have mentioned your company directly regarding any accolades or complaints.

Businesses who are continuously active on Twitter are usually able to maintain customer relationships while portraying a positive public image, all this by using 140 character strokes.

Positive Branding Of Your Business
Assuming that you’re running your Twitter account seriously, with you or a staff member designated and stationed to your twitter campaign, you also need to inject a bit of humor as well as presenting a friendly positive attitude which reflects your company.


Twitter can also aid in creating a positive association when it comes to your brand. Keep in mind that this is a long term project however, and the effects of doing so may not always be that apparent right away. But over time, people will begin associating you with your brand and what you have to offer.

Business Development Using Twitter
What is needed is a conscientious commitment towards your business Twitter account to realize maximum success. So decide if you’re willing to invest your energy and resources in establishing a well operated Twitter presence and then work towards establishing a reputation on the site.

You’ll realize that it can offer you a lot of benefits which will help in making your company thrive in today’s ultra competitive economy, this both in the short as well as long term.

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