Writing Online Content Which Converts Traffic Into Sales

providing content for your businessThe once evergreen advertising methods such as TV, radio, and magazine ads, are now considered a secondary source. The reason being that advertising remains a crapshoot. Needing to pay beforehand to see if something converts is risky, so digital marketing is a better strategy.

Most are now turning towards content marketing, which is considered the most efficient strategy for brand awareness and attracting targeted traffic, which can lead into sales. As a result, creating information about your product online is proving an essential process.

Various statistics also show that website conversion rates are higher for those who use content marketing over paid advertising. Doing so is proving a vital step when converting targeted website traffic into buyers.

Providing Superior Content
What’s the most convenient to do is just “copy and paste” information from other sites on the Internet, such as from online article repositories or authority sites, and then paste them on your site, claiming as your own. This is common practice. This is also one of the biggest mistakes that marketers make.

What you need is to write your own high quality content that’s informative and on topic, this since you need a precise hook to attract your readers while satisfying the search engine rankings.

When writing quality unique content, it needs to be produced completely from scratch, and not plagiarized from somewhere else. The algorithms of the search engines can also sniff out poorly written or rewritten content in an instance.

Dedicated research on topics is needed, or you can outsource copywriters to produce this content for you. What’s also important is that you need to be consistent, provide content daily or several times a week like clockwork, which your readers begin to expect.

Informative Content Which Sells
What’s the most difficult when writing a marketing article is the precise balance that it needs. It needs to be educational for the reader, while it also needs to masquerade as an advertising piece, offering your goods or services as the solution.

What usually ends up happening is the mix is wrong, which then spoils the entire message of the content, and the marketing intent of attempting to sell your product is missed.

The information that you provide needs to strike a nerve in the gut of the reader, hitting them emotionally as well as logically, this while being entertaining and remaining relevant.

Content Which Attracts Buyers
Content presentation is a daunting task which needs to be awe inspiring, as it has to profile and target the exact consumer who’s ready to buy, this by constantly testing and tweaking your writing, while improving your sales funnel.

Make sure that you always choose topics which are in demand, trending, and concerns your industry. Be authoritative enough to answer the “what can you do for me” questions, which your target audience is demanding.

You can do so by researching the value of the content that your competitors provide, and then analyze its engagement ratio. Then begin formulating your own plan of attack by comparing the SEO metrics.

Perform thorough research on the “buying” keywords which are most prevalently used by your paying customers, while also observing the landing pages for the keywords which you select. Inspect the metrics to find out what will most likely work for you the best.

Identify And Then Solve Problems
What it boils down to is gaining precise actionable industry insights, and then going for the throat. There’s no point in creating endless amounts of content, if it doesn’t produce any sales or leads.

What you need is to voice your opinion, find the “hurts” that your customers are feeling, prove that you’ve got the answer, and then offer them your product on a platter.

Identify the issues that they’re experiencing, and how your product or service can solve it for them. Provide a solution and not an option, and explain how you can do so.


Using The Proper Social Channels
What you need is to write precise targeted content to fit their needs, this to solve whatever it is that ails them. Then you need to place this content right in front of their reading path, this so they’re forced to read it.

One of the most effective ways is by using social media, provided that you choose the right channels. What this involves is plenty of research and industry insight, while knowing the limitations of them.

If your customer base happens to be broad, then you can select multiple social media channels, this to provide and promote your content. If you’re considering using paid advertising, you need to be extremely specific about which you use, this by tracking ROI.

Keeping Track Of Content
What you need is to be constantly performing content audits on your site, this to monitor your efforts and results, this so you can test and tweak, while implementing different strategies to promote your content.

If you post information and the traffic it attracts is bouncing off your site, then it’s pointless. So you need to schedule a daily and weekly content audit, this to monitor what’s converting readers into buyers or leads.

Analytical Metrics – Measure everything from your bounce rate to the average time that’s spent on the overall site, as well as the individual webpages. Track the pageviews, engagement, time spent, and the time of day

Metrics Based On SEO – Analyze where you stand when it comes to Page Authority on the various search engines, along with page ranking and links

Conversions – Know the exact cost that you were able to monetize your content, the rate which converted raw targeted traffic into leads or sales

It’s important to know if the content you offer is consumable enough to keep your readers engaged. So these statistics are needed to evolve your strategy, improve your content, while discontinuing what doesn’t work.

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