10 Essential Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

In this increasingly convoluted world we live in, there are now millions who claim they’re survivalists, and live “off the grid.” That they’re preparing or are sheltering themselves, in case of some type of further world catastrophe or danger.

Or imagine yourself suddenly finding yourself lost or stranded on an island, or deep in a forest somewhere, far away from civilization. You need to learn how to survive another day.

What if some form of natural disaster strikes, an “act of god,” and what you need are the core essential skills to survive the following night, weeks, or even months.

What you need is the basic survival skills that may threaten your life, to get through these unexpected emergencies.

There are basic survival skills that are essential, to live another day, or if you’re just wanting to get away from civilization.

10. Ability To Adjust

Realize this is a complete alteration of what you’re accustomed to, the comforts of automatic everything. So it becomes extremely important to focus on the immediate, to survive the next few hours or days.

To organize your tasks and priorities to become independent, that there’s no one else you can rely on, no one to turn to, as you’re on your own.

9. Adapting To The Wild

If you choose to live life off the grid, choose to live the survivalist life in the great outdoors, whenever you’re in a remote location out in the wilderness, be aware.

Realize and be mindful you’ll be sharing your new temporary home with the local wildlife who inhabits the area.

Remember this is their natural habitat, and you are the visitor. You need to develop coping skills, along with the ability to safely fend off threats.

8. Signalling For Help

This especially if you’re lost, stranded, and in need of being rescued. You need to be made aware to others, that you need assistance.

Most are familiar with the classic universal “SOS” signal, this when they’re in difficulty, and need assistance from others.

So have the ability to provide these signals to rescuers. Be tactful by placing symbols to be found, to rescued as soon as possible.

7. Acute Mental Awareness

Regardless if you choose to go off the grid, or happen to find yourself in survival mode such as being lost the woods.

What you need is to be mentally aware, mindful, and alert at all times, this in order to survive another day.

Not doing so, what you may experience are feelings of doom gloom and despair. So stay strong mindful and have an optimistic outlook.

6. Learn Navigational Skills

Getting around an unfamiliar terrain or remote location, with the hot sun or the pouring rain distorting your senses, can prove to be extremely difficult without finely tuned navigational skills.

To survive another day, you need to know the basic compass skills, where and how the sun rises and sets. You need to be aware of celestial navigational skills to locate cardinal directions.

5. Basic Knowledge Of First Aid

The wilderness, the great outdoors in the forest can become a hazard. Your safety can turn into an emergency in a split second.

This from bodily injury from falls, scrapes to the arms and legs, insect bites, burns, or the various poisons out there in the wild.

So if you get injured somehow, what’s needed is knowing basic first-aid skills to keep yourself safe, as getting hurt can occur at any time while stuck in a remote location.

4. Finding Fresh Water

You need to have the ability to find fresh water somehow in the wild, as this is the major key to survival, which is staying hydrated with fresh water.

It’s possible to survive for days without eating food, but what’s known is you can’t last more than 48 hours without fresh water in your body.

This situation becomes elevated, especially if the conditions are hot or muggy. You’ll quickly find yourself becoming dehydrated, weak, confused and unable to function.

3. Finding Food

You need the ability to recognize which types of foods that are found in the wild are edible, and which ones are potentially poisonous.

Being able to find food is obviously a vital component when it comes to survival.

Without eating on a daily basis, the body becomes weakened, and the important tasks that are related to survival, becomes distorted.

2. The Need For Fire

Fire is the key element when it comes to survival. Without fire, there’s no possible way to cook your food or keep you warm. When you’re stuck remotely, or choose to live off the grid, you need a source of fire.

Other than shelter and water, the number one thing you need is fire for survival. The result of being exposed to the cold, results in hypothermia and pneumonia.

1. Finding Suitable Shelter

The number 1 survival essential is the need to find shelter. Before building this shelter, what needs to be considered is the best ideal location.

Once this location is strategically found and planned out, what’s then needed are the skills to assemble a suitable living area, which won’t be destroyed by the elements, such as wind and water.