10 Ways To Keep Your Skin Soft And Supple In The Glaring Sun

The long hot summer days is what everyone looks forward to the entire year. Lounging around and being lazy at the beach, on the hammock, as the sun persistently carves it’s glow on the skin, as the stresses of life melts away. Most will just go forward and indulge, seeking that deep dark tan, and become fun filled and carefree.

What many will begin to do however is ignore the welfare of their skin, not taking care of it properly during times of extreme heat. What can occur is that it can begin to wrinkle, look worn out, once it’s not care for properly. What’s needed is better nourishment and protection.

10. Getting Adequate Sun Protection

how to protect your skin
This becomes the most sensible skin care tip to follow when it comes to the hot summer sun. What the fierce sun can do is severely damage the exposed skin, this if you’re light skinned and not enough sun screen lotion is applied. Also make sure that you wear sunglasses when it’s sunny. A good glowing tan at the beach is healthy, but never overdo it.

9. Constantly Be Cleansing

Since you’ll be spending more time in the great outdoors, it becomes vital to cleanse your face properly. Use a skin-sensitive cleanser, especially if you happen to have sensitive or acne prone skin, this because you’ll tend to breakout more often during the summer. Make sure you gently cleanse your face at least two times a day.

8. Deeply Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an extremely important step to keep the skin healthy and glowing under the hot sun. What exfoliation does is ensures that all the loose dead skin is scrubbed away and out, which reveals fresh skin. Make sure you use a gentle scrub. If at all possible, visit the local salon for a facial massage. What a gentle scrub and massage does is increases blood flow to the facial cells.