3 Steps To Manifesting Exactly What You Want In Life

What we think of the most, what our most persistent thoughts are does is creates what we want, so believe you can build a life of your dreams. All it takes is just a few steps, which will bring you closer to what you want. It begins with believing your thoughts is what manifests things to become reality.

Realize the world you live in today, is the total sum of someone’s previous thoughts. What these thoughts did was shaped our modern day life, the one we often take for granted.

This results in living a life of freedom most currently enjoy today. We also take our own thoughts for granted, which gave us everything we personally own.

It’s our thoughts is what created what’s ever existed previously, what exists this moment, and everything that will exist in the future.

It’s our thoughts regardless of how zany they may be, is what instructs the Universe to create our physical reality.

So you may be thinking, “I should then be able to get anything I want in life, with the proper thoughts.”

Step 1: Always Think Big

How it begins is by generating deliberate controlled thought, and then believing you will receive exactly what you wish for and want.

It’s been proven the human mind, with directed sustained thought, is the origin that creates tangible goods, such as a house, a car or riches.

Thoughts can also bring intangible things such as harmony in a home, or love in a relationship.

What it takes however, is more than just sustained thought, for the manifestation process to happen.

Thinking or having intention, is just the first step in the manifestation process.

There are two other fundamental steps, that most dismiss.

Step 2: Show A Bit Of Emotion

Once the thought of what you want is formed, it then needs to be injected with sustained concentrated emotion.

The more conviction the emotion has, the more powerful the thought becomes. Then it has no other choice but to manifest into something tangible.

To elevate this emotion, what’s needed is actually believing you already own what you want, while enjoying the benefits of owning it.

Realize it’s your thoughts which increases this emotion, which makes you feel how you feel.

For instance, you think something bad will happen to you, all while not wanting it to happen.

You feel anxiety, while showing physiological signs such as sweating, all because you’re thinking that bad event might occur. Then invariably it does.

The process of visualization, either good or bad, once it’s backed with emotion, does is creates a force which directs the universe to act.

Also know the Universe doesn’t care what these emotion laced thought directives are. All it does is receives your request, and if it’s persistent enough, it will deliver what you want without fail.

Negative Or Positive Thoughts

We think negative by default to protect ourselves from keeping us safe from harm. So the key becomes to reverse these thoughts, by consciously thinking positive at all times.

The instance you think negative even for a split-second, that positive thought immediately vanishes into thin air.

Begin by just thinking of the good things you want, and then conjure up as many positive emotions that’s associated with it, as you can.

Dismiss all of the negative thoughts which arises by blocking them out, which becomes a skill.

Visualize how you’ll feel once you meet the person you’re going to marry, how that brand new car drives, or what that kitchen in your new home is going to look like.

What thinking these positive feelings does, is sets in motion what you want.

Step 3: Then Take Action

The final step of the manifestation process, is what most will ignore or have the most difficult time doing.

It’s however what binds the first two steps together.

This final step is taking action.

What you need is to place yourself in a position, where you can receive what you want.

Taking this action is necessary, to reach or get closer to your goal.

This action, the next step you need to take, shouldn’t also be strenuous or be stressful.

It should instead be enjoyable. It needs to feel like it’s the right course of action to take at the moment.

Believe we’re all interconnected and interdependent with one another, we’re all one, and it’s a combined effort.

Believe what you want will come to you through natural channels, by some form of action or through others.

Although thoughts which are backed by emotion becomes an unstoppable force, what you still need is to take the right action which feels natural.

You need to do so, regardless of how insignificant it may be or feel, provided it’s towards your goals.

A Case Study: Thoughts – Emotion – Action

Say you visualize on meeting your “soulmate” on a daily basis, because you’re single. You feel the ideal person is already there with you, as you practice the 3 step manifestation process.

You feel the bond, the comfort and the love before you even meet this person.

Your visualization is so strong, you believe you’ve already met them.

What you know is all this manifesting, thinking and believing, is what will bring your soulmate closer to you.

But in your case, what you never do is leave your home and go out and socialize. You don’t take action.

You receive invitations to parties, social gatherings, networking opportunities, blind dates, yet you turn them all down.

Since you don’t take action, all of this soulmate visualizing, won’t turn out that well.

After a while, you begin to lose hope, and begin to think all this manifestation stuff is bunk.

Realize you’re not taking all the steps, which in this case is the 3rd step, taking action.

The Universe is trying to set you up, help you, but you refuse all the invitations, as that’s where you’ll meet the soulmate you’re looking for.

What you do however, is just ignore all the signals sent your way.

So make sure you’re ready to take the exact action you need to, then what you’re wanting will manifest.

The 3 Steps To Manifestation

Step 1 – Believe your thoughts create things, so visualize what you want in your life
Step 2 – These thoughts backed by strong positive emotion and belief, rearranges the Universe to bring to you what you wish
Step 3 – Take the appropriate action you need to take which will present itself, which places you in the position to accept the physical equivalent of your thought