Becoming A Better Leader By Influencing Others To Follow You

someone who has influenceSome individuals, whether it’s on an one-on-one basis or in a group setting, those who you vividly remember are the one’s who have somehow influenced you in some way.

These are the people who make you sit up and pay attention, every time, and you give them your complete undivided time.

They may help you somehow in changing the course of your life for the better. These special individuals may be either your boss, teacher, colleague, mentor, or someone you don’t even know.

They have the ability to influence you through their leadership skills or by they supplying a public service. These are the people which have earned your complete admiration and respect.

Perhaps you are one of these individuals yourself. Although you may not be that magnificent public figure, you project and are responsible for creating your own sphere of influence over others.

You may be an engaging empathetic employer, a valuable friend, or a hero to your family, children, and community. So it’s important that you be intentional when it comes to your influence, and be cognizant of the impact which you project.

So make sure you don’t send the wrong message or even worse, send no message at all. To generate influence over others and to maintain it, learn these proven techniques to effectively inspire the people who are around you.


Promoting Yourself Appropriately
Make sure that you get the word out by proclaiming that you’ve got something to say, but also use discretion. Self promoting shamelessly has its merits, but never assume that your message will be automatically received.

Always assess the situation and then tailor your promotion to the proper forum. Always be posting your comments and opinions on blogs may prove to be ineffective if all you do is “spam” your website, for instance.

Instead promote yourself through your insight, and then people will naturally gravitate towards you and will want to follow you. Give them glimpses of brilliance and they’ll thirst for more.

Be patient by building up your promotion as steady as possible. If you need to convince others that you’re brilliant, then you most likely aren’t, so never force it. If what you provide has any substance, then the followers will come your way.

Be As Observant As Possible
Most don’t have the vision of a Steve Jobs. But some will derive their influence from what they observe in the world that’s around them. They’ll pay extreme attention towards this detail while pondering how it can impact their community.

It’s difficult to become influential if you don’t know who or what you’re influencing. So become someone who’s ahead of the curve by following new trends which will impact others.

The genius is being able to identify complex patterns and then providing simple obvious interpretations which everyone can understand and use.

Make Engaging Speeches
There’s no point of stating something you believe if there’s no one who wants to listen to you. So learn to speak clearly, proudly, and as succinct as possible.

Tell engaging stories to make your point easier so others will completely understand what the context of your message is. Never ramble on and talk too much, talk about yourself, repeat things continuously, be a “know it all,” or be boring.

Make every word that you say count by exuding passion and energy. If you’re not interested in what you have to say, then why would anyone else want to listen. There are lots of resources which can make you a better speaker so use them.


Never assume how you think you’re perceived as a speaker. Have someone or make a video of yourself when you speak, and then watch it by being as critical as possible.

There’s no need to allow speech impediments or accents, a monotone delivery, shyness or nerves, or a tendency to talk too much pointlessly get in the way. These faults can be improved on if you’re willing enough.

Whatever you need to say is important, so you have the obligation to share it with others who need to hear it.

Learn To Write Your Message
The internet dictates that content is and always will be king, as the keyboard now has become the premier method of communication. You could send your message based on a tweet, email, comment, blog post, or book.

You’ll then be praised by how eloquent you can turn a phrase. So learn how you can make your point as clear as possible by concisely connecting empathetically with your reader.

Find opportunities to write as convincing as possible on a daily basis. The best way to improve your writing is by getting feedback from your most harshest critics.

Being prolific won’t help you become more interesting, but it’ll expose you if you’re superfluous, boring, or nonsensical, so you can adjust and then improve.

Be As Entertaining As Possible
Being entertaining is defined as being able to “hold the attention of,” both agreeably and pleasantly. Whether you choose to be humorous, intriguing, or discourse, holding one’s attention is an art which will get your audience to entertain your ideas.

Once you have someone’s attention, they’re then open to whatever you have to offer, even if it’s momentarily. They’re attention span is now yours to keep or lose.

Today’s options for delivering this message are as vast and broad as ever. Creating a captivating video is inexpensive and easy, while other broadcasting methods are accessible and in abundance than ever before.

So attempt to be as creative as possible and find interesting ways to communicate yourself as memorable as possible.


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