Certain Foods Which Are Thought To Be Healthy But May Not Be

enjoyingaglassofpasturizedmilkThere’s currently a raging debate going on among health professionals regarding a certain group of so thought healthy foods, which the majority think are completely beneficial to one’s health, but may actually not be based on clinical studies of their true nature.

The grocery list of the most common of these perceived healthy foods, which appear completely wholesome and healthy, includes: milk, whole grains and cereal, soy, oats, energy bars, and fruit juices, which are proving they can be detrimental to ones health.

So what’s described are the reasons why some on these favorite foods staples are up for debate, along with the common myths surrounding these foods which by most are thought healthy. What’s also provided are their healthier alternatives.

Fresh Milk That’s Pasteurized
Milk instantly brings thoughts of wholesomeness, and most assume it does the body good. But what the pasteurization process does is it destroys the active enzymes that’s found in raw milk.

Pasteurization also denatures the essential proteins which are naturally found in milk, while eliminating beneficial bacteria while lowering the vitamin content.

The best alternative is actual raw milk from the farm which hasn’t been pasteurized. Those who perform the pasteurization process, however, claims that the process eliminates all of the bad micro-milk organisms.

This may be true, but doing so also eliminates the beneficial ones which aids in better digestion and metabolism.


What raw milk does is it crowds out the bad bacteria while helping the prevention of yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract. The purity of raw milk also comes from the cows which are organically fed.

Cows which are fed green grass provides the milk with better nutrients such as vitamins A and D. The argument supporting pasteurization enables the milk industry to be able to raise cows in less expensive and less healthy conditions.

Pasteurization is also thought to destroy enzymes, promotes allergies, increases tooth decay, arthritis, heart disease, and colic in infants. The fact remains that most calves which are fed pasteurized milk will die before maturity.

The problem with raw milk is that it will sour quickly due to the natural bacterial production in the lactic acid, while pasteurized milk, which has the all the essentials removed, will putrefy.

Certain Whole Grains
The majority of healthy foods, anywhere from bread to breakfast cereal will advertise that they’re now made with whole grains. If you happen to have certain digestive issues, or are suffering from autoimmune reactions such as allergies, then know that certain grains may cause health related issues.

The best way is finding out if there’s any family history of dietary issues in this area. Begin by adjusting the ratio of cereal grains more to fruits, vegetables, and meat, and see whether the switch has any physiological effects.

Food experts claim that one should be supplementing with vitamins, protein, minerals, and free fatty acids. What’s recommended is a varied diet and not too much of just one thing.

What conventional whole grains will lack are essential vitamins and minerals, making it difficult to digest, and will often cause certain allergenic responses, this contributing towards autoimmune disorders such as Celiac disease.

A better alternative are pure grain seeds such as quinoa, millet, amaranth, and buckwheat, which are gluten free. They’re all known to having a calming effect to the stomach, while being complete with vitamins and minerals.

Certain Soy Products
There are a certain group of soy products including soy milk and soy protein, which have been linked to immune system breakdown, digestive distress, reproductive problems for both men and women, malnutrition, certain allergies, and a higher risk of heart disease.


Soy milk has been identified to have certain negative aspects such as:
• Containing notable amounts of phytic acid
• Contains hemagglutinin which is known to causes red blood cells to clump, but considered harmless if taken intravenously
• The genetic modification involved in the processing of soy milk may produce lysinoalanine or even nitrosamines
• They’re known to contain trypsin inhibitors

So a better alternative to these soy products are fermented soy such as miso, tempeh, and natto.

Eating Oatmeal
For the majority who are suffering from wheat or gluten allergies, or are intolerant, know that eating oatmeal can potentially be an unsafe option. While the oats themselves don’t contain gluten, but oatmeal can cause issues if you’re sensitive.

The reason being that farmers will often grow their oats in the same fields which they’ve previously grown grains such as wheat and barley. What these other grains can do is contaminate the oats, which then becomes an issue for anyone with gluten sensitivity.

Certain Fruit Juices
Fruit juices are usually delicious, but know that they’re often loaded with high-fructose corn syrup. What high fructose corn syrup has been linked to are blood clots, increased cholesterol levels, and impaired immunity. Sodas obviously are worse.

What fructose reduces is the affinity of insulin to its receptor, which is an indicator of Type 2 diabetes. This is the very first step for the glucose to enter into a cell and be metabolized.

As a result, the body needs to pump out a lot more insulin so it can match the glucose intake. There are also studies which confirms a link between fructose sugar and liver disease.

The best alternate to fructose is by going as pure as possible, by juicing your own select fruits and vegetables naturally.

Beware The Protein Bars
Protein bars which are found in convenience stores aren’t always that healthy, as most contain high amounts of soy protein and empty sugar. So instead of a healthy boost of energy, what they can actually do is contribute towards fungal infections.

So a better alternative are unsalted almonds and other nuts, as just grabbing a handful will give you natural energy, while providing a truly healthy source of protein.


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