Choose Quality Over Quantity When It Comes To Website Traffic

more site conversionsWe face this on a daily basis, this in our lives as well as in business, and that’s the debate whether to choose quality or quantity. Go cheap and common or go exclusive and expensive. This transfers over to online marketing and generating website conversions.

It was once thought to get as many visitors to your site as possible to view your product or service, so quantity over quality, this to generate more business. The reality however, this especially if you sell a specialized product, is you want them as targeted as possible.

Sending large uneducated numbers of visitors to your site, won’t influence them to purchase your product any further. The throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks theory doesn’t always work.

Creating a specialized sales funnel will, as that’s what influences targeted viewers to consider your product or service. But focusing on getting quality traffic however, is just the start of it.

Going Beyond The Numbers Game
Most continue to think it’s mass quantity that they need, large amounts of eyeballs visiting their website, hoping to hook a few of them. This appears logical, that if anyone is somewhat interested, then some of them might eventually turn into customers.

It no longer appears to be that generic. The operative word being “might.” Sending thousands of cheap traffic, or traffic somehow accidentally arriving at your site might be a mistake, and a burden on your server.

Most had no real intention landing on your page, so what they did was click away as soon as possible, not even bothering to see what you offer, while leaving an impression as a visitor to your site.

Others may just be browsing for information with no intent on buying, or not sure what you’re offering, or not interested whatsoever. Since they were just browsing, they quickly leave as well.

The point being that the majority of the visitors who lands on your page is by accident. They’re either somehow directed there unfocused, or happened to stumble upon it. All they’re doing is distorting your site metrics, as they were far from buying.

Focusing On Visitors Ready To Buy
What everyone wants is streams of motivated customers with credit card in hand, willing, ready, and able to buy, this rather than digital window shopping.

What the online marketer wants is getting this type of targeted quality buyer in high volume. So it doesn’t matter if it’s just a handful of them that reaches the site, as long as they’re motivated to buy.

Doing so can mean more revenue, with less money spent, while the conversion data becomes more accurate. The way to achieve this, getting high quality leads that converts, is the dilemma.

How CPA Networks Control The Process
What certain advertising networks are now capable of doing is delivering this precise traffic to your site, the exact buyers that you’re looking to buy your goods.

There are also the CPA networks who acts as a buffer, the go between, as they’re the middleman to protect authority websites who sells products from poor traffic that’s sent from affiliates, which clogs the flow.

They’re extremely selective when it comes to choosing who to sponsor, or which affiliates join their networks. By using a “cost per action” network using an affiliate marketing model, fraudulent traffic is eliminated through their quality filters.

Precisely Tracking Traffic
You can find better quality targeted traffic by researching and then segmenting your visitors by source type, such as organic search, referrals, or paid ads, etc.

You can quantify the types of campaigns which you’ve developed and managed by precise visitor tracking. You can then determine how each website visitor uses and responds to your website, this by tracking all their web actions.


This can include which pages they view first, their click paths, and which prompts got them to buy your product. There are a variety of online tools which allows you to do this type of research analysis.

Make Your Site More Appealing
You can then make scientific changes to your site creating a better sales flow. One way is by creating quality content, stories which truly hooks and engages the readers, this by optimizing the content and campaign messaging.

You can use keyword precision tools such as Google Adwords, and work backwards to find the exact keywords that the visitors used to reach your website product. Then use the same keywords to attract motivated traffic that’s ready to buy.

Know Where The Traffic Is Coming From
You need to stay on the latest trends where the majority of the traffic is originating from, this so you can redirect this quality traffic from these channels to your site.

It’s known that social media platforms are an increasingly reliable source of targeted traffic, while organic search continues to remain a healthy driver, this through the major search engines.

Paid ads are another option provided you have the budget to find a suitable advertising network, such as pop ups, PPV, redirects, etc. Testing to find the exact method however, can quickly exhaust your budget.

Always Choose Quality
Be proactive when searching for that quality traffic. You can begin to drive better results by generating better relevant content, this across mediums such as your blogs, articles, videos, and whitepapers, while sharing this content on social media for a wider reach.

You need to be constantly evaluating every detail of your website, this by tracking, testing, and tweaking, this to make sure that it’s visitor and search engine friendly.

Always respond to feedback and comments, which converts you to becoming a trusted authority in your industry. The application of these combined factors, should generate high quality targeted traffic.

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