Don’t Look So Sad: How To Get Out Of The Rut You’re In

Negativity is a gravitational force, one of the strongest found on earth. It’s natural to think bad or sad thoughts by default, as it’s ground zero. It gets extremely easy to get into a rut about your life. Perhaps you may have set goals, but for one reason or another, you’re not reaching them with no idea why.

It could be because of a low self esteem, or poor self-judgment being the reasons for causing you to lower your expectations.

It could be your past failures or your low self-worth, that’s preventing you from making any type of positive change.

You’re also overwhelmed by worry and stress or lack of funds, making you reluctant to make decisions.

You’re paralyzed by making any type of change in your life, disappointed with how a particular effort you tried didn’t work out. It becomes painful to look forward.

The Rut You’re In

Once you find yourself in a rut, what you’ll often do is wait for someone or something externally good to happen to you.

But realize that change doesn’t just happen, but instead, it comes from within.

Change is one of the more scarier mindshifts one can make, and it’s usually painful.

It’s a necessary step forward however, to get unstuck. Once that happens, what presents itself are unlimited opportunities.

Don’t Dwell On The Past

Listen to what your mind is saying. Do you constantly think of events that happened in the past, things you failed at, or didn’t work out.

Perhaps you’re also not able to forgive yourself, for all the mistakes you’ve made.

Do you constantly blame yourself or others, for things that didn’t turn out how you expected.

Stop and ask yourself why your mind is stuck on these memories. What can you do right now to accept them, to move forward.

What you can’t undo is the past, but what you can do is choose to move forward and find peace. Forgive yourself and let go.

Alter Your Perspective

Once you choose to move on, to release, accept, or ignore the past. What you’ll begin is to see your future reality in a different light, a new perspective.

You’ll feel empowered to change your attitude.


To gain new perspective, don’t listen to your complaining past, but decide to listen to what your inner voice is trying to say.

If possible, choose to take a short break or vacation to get away from your daily routine.

To clear your mind and flush out all the negative thoughts. Distance yourself from your current situation.

Open yourself up to new ideas and people. Decide to introduce new types of physical activity into your life.

What any type of change will do, is help you gain insight to focus on the future, and what’s possible.

Start Making Small Changes

What making change does is alters different areas of the brain, which activates clarity and creativity. What you need is to start small, take baby steps in your daily routine.

Begin by moving things around in your house, find a new coffee shop, make new friends. Every new change matters.

Most can’t be bothered to start making small changes, thinking they’re unimportant at that moment.

But after a while, what all these small changes does is accumulates, and you’re on your way to start feeling unstuck.

Realize Your Purpose

Know your “life purpose” isn’t your job, your goals, or your responsibilities. It’s what makes you genuine, what makes you feel the most alive.

The things you’re passionate about, and will always fight for.

Instances of realizing your life’s purpose, includes helping others overcome the sadness they feel, protecting animals from neglect or abuse, or growing as a human being.

Altering Your Life’s Purpose

What you may need at times is to alter your life’s purpose, if the inspiration is gone. If you feel you’ve never had a purpose, then define one.

Begin by asking yourself what you consider to be your passion, such as:

• What is it that makes me genuinely happy?
• What did I enjoy doing the most in the past?
• What are the favorite things I like to do now?
• What are the things I like doing so much, I lose track of time?
• Who are those who inspires me the most, and why?
• What are the things that makes me feel good about myself?
• What do I excel at, what am I passionate about?

Believing In Yourself

Believe you’re capable of reaching your potential, by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Make a list of all your strengths and positive traits. Believe you can fulfill them all.

What most will do is sabotage their own progress on purpose or subconsciously, because of their deep seated fears of the past.

Trust yourself enough to recognize all your self-doubts. Pay attention to how you react to certain situations.

Replace your limitations, such as “I can’t” or “I won’t or don’t” with, “I may not be able to do that yet, but I’m working on it.”

Another way of instilling confidence in your abilities, is by writing them down, especially your past successes.

Keep the notes handy whenever you need verification, proving you can do things which are challenging or difficult.

Always Remain Hopeful

What you may have are plenty of disappointments and setbacks, leading to your current state of mind.

You feel helpless or cursed, as you’re constantly feeling negative bouts of pessimism, making you feel down.

This is an area you need to work on to improve. Find solutions, such as meditation, running, or reading self-help books, and do so consistently on a daily basis.