Help Me I’m Addicted To Facebook And My Brain Is Stuck

not getting addicted on FacebookTo some, the Internet is Facebook. What this massive social medium facilitates is the fulfillment of deep rooted human emotions for the need to connect, to feel a part of something. As a result, there’s a variety of ways that Facebook attends to different purposes and agendas.

What Facebook preys on is those who like to play host to exhibitionism, the narcissist, or those who just like to gawk. What has been defined are specific personality patterns which conceals the subtle variations of the benefits that they seek.

This includes all of the challenges that they encounter in real life, along with the rewards which are derived, filling a need, from the various interactions of those they know or don’t know.

So what’s been defined, sorted, is what your particular personality is, your social media personality. What’s been revealed are a series of checkpoints, reveals, this based on your answers, on how you feel.

What the gauge of your involvement is on social media, the vortex of this reveal exposes your Facebook personality type.

True Or False If You’ve Done Or Are Any Of The Following

• You get the most enjoyment doing things which don’t involve that much mental effort, the mundane
• You have actual real-life friends, so you use Facebook as a way of keeping in touch with them when you can’t see them in person
• Facebook reveals the sense of what your personality is as a sociable person
• Whenever you’re not on Facebook, you begin to feel anxious even if it’s just for several hours
• You constantly think about what your status updates are which reveals who you are as a person on Facebook
• It’s important to find out what the status of your friends are
• You’ve become a fan by “Liking” a variety of different products, brands, online stores, etc.
• You belong to a variety of Facebook groups where you check in regularly and comment on the activities
• When posting on Facebook, you’re not always honest regarding what you’re doing or how you’re feeling
• You give careful thought when you’re editing your Facebook profile and do so constantly, such as changing your profile pic
• Your privacy settings are set at public, so almost everyone can easily find you and read your posts
• You constantly attempt to maintain contact with others that you’re interested in, this by regularly checking out their updates
• You’ve had to delete or close down your Facebook account at one time or another, or needed to change your name

How many did you say “Yes” to?


Your Facebook Personality
What the majority of chronic Facebook users tend to be is sociable and extroverted. The studies suggest that the average Facebook user has a low threshold for stimulation, cognitive activity, such as reading a book.

It’s found that the “typical” Facebook user is low in a certain personality trait known as conscientiousness. So if you’re sociable, like to socialize more than you work, then you fit into the profile of a typical Facebook personality.

Your Facebook Identity
Similar to revealing yourself in a face to face meeting, what your Facebook identity reveals is what persona you want to project, who you are to others. This is done by listing all of your personal attributes.

If you consciously and constantly update your status updates, distort the truth on occasion, constantly edit your profile, then you’re using Facebook as a means of refining who you are to others, who you want to be seen as.

Making Connections On Facebook
There’s one theory that those who constantly post on Facebook makes up for their lack of social skills, connections in real life situations. But there are contrary arguments to this.

Instead, it’s found that those who constantly use Facebook, already have a large number of “real” friends or acquaintances, and they use Facebook for convenience, to check on their friends and statuses to keep up to date.

Hello… I’m A Facebook Addict
Using Facebook to keep in touch is one thing, but surrendering to the various Facebook diversions is potentially signifying that you’re headed towards, or may have already become addicted to Facebook.

Some signs are if you’re constantly checking your Facebook newsfeeds, fan pages, or constantly posting funny pictures several times an hour. You’re just unable to stay off Facebook, it consumes you. You play the games, join countless groups, constantly “like” pages.

This is how the Facebook advertisers are engaging and hooking you as a consumer. What they capitalize on is not only the game playing or what you “like,” but they also profit by you following particular brands, stores, groups, etc. as an activity.

Step Off The Facebook Cliff
You don’t care about your privacy settings, how often you post, that you may have over-shared. Everyone however is guilty of over sharing at one time or another, regretting that they may have spilled too many of their personal details for everyone to see.


If you’re constantly in this pattern and don’t care what you reveal, then realize the risks that you’re potentially placing yourself or others in. Discussing how annoyed you are, or posting photos which are too revealing or without permission, can only come back and bite you at later date.

This includes using Facebook to “stalk” others only activates your feelings of anger, jealousy, or resentment. So you might just want to take a break while you evaluate how Facebook is controlling you.

There are a lot of benefits using social media, especially if you use it properly, such as an adjunct to your social, personal, business, or your intellectual life.

So understanding your behavior on how you correspond and conduct yourself can only help you, while getting the most out of social networking and your real life relationships.


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