The Need To Show More Compassion By Not Judging Others

You, yes you, who doesn’t care about anyone but yourself. What if there’s a choice you can make, that can alter the course of your life for the better. Know there is. It’s the choice of moving away from constantly judging others, and moving towards a state of compassion.

Compassion is defined as not being self-centered, not having a big ego, but instead showing empathy. A deep caring for the pain of others, accompanied with a will to help.

There’s nothing that feels better, and more comforting than showing the gift of gratitude, by helping someone. Compassion is the purest type of love you can give.

If This Describes You

Do you rarely show compassion towards someone you care about. You appear to be loving, you listen, but you only care half-heartedly and it shows.

You are there when asked, helping out with whatever problems arise, but will never go out of your way, even though you know certain issues exist, and can use your help.

Yet you are not lazy, you’re just arrogant and too full of yourself to care.

Everyone sees you as being aloof, and you are. That’s why you often look and feel unhappy, hollow inside, because you know you could do more.

Instead, you’re suddenly too “busy,” fatigued and depleted. The problem is, you’re completely out of touch with your feelings.

The Emptiness Inside

You are solely focused on yourself, selfish, and will never express your personal feelings. You can’t display love or compassion towards yourself or others.

You are only looking out for number #1, which is you, which is also a bad prescription for major illness and heartbreak.

What you constantly do is meddle in the life of others, not minding your own business, because your personal life and marriage sucks.

You have no idea why you feel so sad, lonely, and anxious. The reason for this, is because there’s no compassion in your life.

You Don’t Care

You border on being a sociopath with narcissistic tendencies. Most consider you annoying and arrogant, as you talk too much.

While it may appear you have compassion, it’s just for show, as you’re not tuned into your feelings.

You create the aura you are a loving person, but instead you just do what you want. The most common description for you, is you’re smug.

Whatever you do, the choices you make are for your own benefit and no one else. You need to furnish your fears and your addictions from external sources.


There You Are

You may be someone who constantly seeks approval, rather than giving love towards yourself or others. You’re unaware of your behaviour, and the negative effect you have on everyone.

What you have is a bad habit of keeping others waiting, while disliking those who don’t agree with you, or don’t do what you say or ask.

You then become judgmental rather than understanding their point of view, since it’s all about you.

Instead of showing compassion, this when someone close to you seeks you out for help, what you do instead is get resistant, claiming no one ever helps you.

Show A Little Bit Of Compassion

A lack of compassion towards yourself and others, is the key reason why there’s loneliness, along with inner and relationship turmoil. When it comes to personal growth, having compassion becomes a priority.

Moving towards a state of compassion, occurs once realizing you have a firm understanding of your own feelings and behaviour, which turns into having compassion for others.

Compassion grows, once you realize others have reasons for what they do, why they behave a certain way.

These reasons usually stem from fear, false beliefs which were conditioned when young, which created the painful feelings and defensive attitude.

Moving Towards A State Of Compassion

Begin by initially adopting compassion for yourself, and then genuinely show it to others. It’s a process which takes time and practice.

Moving towards compassion, begins with repairing your self-judgment. Know judgment is the opposite of compassion.

Once you judge yourself or others, you’re telling yourself you’re wrong. Your instincts, feelings, or behaviours are wrong, rather than you having a good reason.

Once you feel yourself becoming judgmental, begin to mindfully showing compassion towards yourself.

Once your intention is to be compassionate rather than being constantly judgmental, others will begin to like you more.

Compassion Towards Others

Showing loving compassion towards others, is a similar process. Begin by first noticing your anger, ego, irritation, resentment, and resistance towards others.

What these negative feelings are, is the opposite of compassion. Once noticing these feelings, decide to open up towards caring more, while having empathy for the struggles of those in need.

State Of Judgment

Every time you find yourself judging yourself or others, instead, judge yourself for judging, and convert the judgment into reasons why.

If you don’t do so, you’re just spinning your wheels, as you’ll remain stubborn. If you embrace it with compassion, you’ll find the judgmental part of yourself gradually becoming less so.

Just Takes Time

Becoming more likeable, loving, tolerable then gets easier, as it’s a learned response. You’ll find choosing to be more compassionate, will move you towards the love and happiness you seek.

All you’re doing, is just instinctively reacting to your controlled behaviours, your micro managing, such as constantly being a control freak.

Instead, learn to love yourself and others more. You’ll then become a more likeable human. Learn to show empathy, and say you’re sorry more often.