How To Chose Your Next Life Path Before You Are Born

Before we are born to this earth, there is a deliberation going on with the powers to be. A universal judicial system to reprogram our rebirth. The theory and belief being, this chant, the faint whispers you hear is the fate of your next life on earth being decided.

We are in debate with our spiritual guides, to determine which lessons of soul evolution are yet to be learned, for the upcoming life we’re about to experience.

The process of auditing how much negative karma needs to be burnt off or balanced out, and which personality traits are to be inherited.

What we incur during our present lives as you read this, is we accumulate negative debt through our wrong doing, the sins we commit.

Our bad deeds need to be paid off, exhumed over the course of our current lifetime. There are also lessons that need to be learned and mastered.

We need to complete these, before we can break away free from the current earth plane, as negative energy is residual.

The Steps Of Rebirth

This process has nothing to do with religion, weirdos, insanity or the supernatural. Also don’t shame or hang me, for I am just the messenger.

This blueprint of rebirth is based on the course of thousands of lives you choose to master. Traits such as forgiveness, unconditional love, empathy, wisdom, gratitude.

It’s through this process of rebirth, is when you seek to release this negative energy that’s stored inside of you.

This baggage of unwanted energy resides in your body’s cellular memory and your subconscious mind, until it’s evaluated and released.

You Can Choose Your Guardians

Choosing the right parents is vital for this next rebirth, to receive valuable renewable life lessons on your next journey in life. So choose wisely.

Choose parents that will nurture, teach and challenge you. Give you the tough love you need.

At times, it may be necessary to choose a critical parent, who’ll challenge and develop your internal power.

If you don’t have sense of your own strength, you may need a dominant role model which forces you to stir rebellion and awaken you.

To challenge and test the will and acceptance of yourself, you may choose a harsh critic as a parent.

The reason being, you may of been highly critical of others in the past, and you need to adjust to the injustice of its unfairness.


Choose Your Personality

The soul is believed to be governed by astrology, which is influenced by the revolving planets. These planetary forces dictates your personality, the way you act, your internal motivation and drive.

So it becomes paramount your soul be reborn at a precise moment in time, this so you’ll end up with the personality your soul has chosen, to learn the necessary life lessons.

It’s your name, your date and time of birth which stamps your DNA, which precisely reflects your entire makeup.

It’s your duty to accurately decipher and take clear account of your souls purpose, your desires, and negativity.

Choose The Life Lessons Of Agony

Choose which negative events you’ll encounter, the one’s which will make you stronger. The one’s you need to test yourself and then overcome them.

This process of being reborn, you have options. A variety of different variables and directions your life can take.

Your life then becomes a choice of the best adventures, which you can decide before you are born.

Choose wisely on all of the best possible outcomes, which will enable you to fulfill your souls purpose.

Choose Those Who’ll Teach You A Lesson

Every person you to encounter in your life is a teacher, mostly revealing what you still need to master going forward. Especially those who are negative influences.

The very things you dislike in your enemies, those you despise and can’t stand, are usually the things you refuse to see, or recognize what’s lacking within yourself.

What these people are doing is acting as mirror images of you, and are important reflections for your growth and learning, usually on who you don’t want to be or become.

These enemies at times are usually your closest allies in other dimensions, and are there to challenge you on this current plane, to help you learn certain life lessons.

Choose When To Awaken

Give yourself a period of time to awaken on your own, this after rebirth. Some choose doing so later in life, while others reveal their purpose in life immediately as prodigy’s.

Know if you haven’t awoken to your destined path, according to the time you’ve set for yourself, as everything you hold close and dear can be taken away from you.

So insure you reflect deep into your life, and know what’s most important to you.

These losses if you’re not living the life you set for yourself, might include losing material possessions, your job or spouse, your money and security, your health. Why some die young.

Whatever is deemed necessary, for you to remind yourself of the real purpose of your life.

Discovering Your Life Blueprint

Believe every soul on this earth has its name and date of birth encoded in it’s genetic blueprint, which reveals the level of specific life lessons it needs to master during its lifetime.

What negative energy needs to be repaid, be burnt off, the purpose of living this particular life this time around.

Understanding this life blueprint will help you to mindfully choose and awaken to your path.

This becomes an important road map, especially for those who’s already awakened to master their life lessons.

Living A Purposeful Life

You’ll then begin to understand why you attract certain types of people into your life, among billions of other souls you can encounter.

You’ll begin to see why you act and react in a certain way. What detrimental behaviors you need to overcome.

You will begin to see how the inherited negative energy is affecting you in your current life, and what you need and can do to correct this, which will turn your life around.

What you will understand is why you have particular interests, special talents and fears which are holding you back.

Your life blueprint will show you where and how you can implement new strategies which are specific to you, to help you in mastering your life destiny.

It will show you which internal stress points and patterns you can expect from your personality.

It will ultimately show you how you can effectively work through these internal patterns, and how you can bring balance and harmony into your life, to find peace within.