How To Consciously Focus Daily On A Positive Attitude

how to make change in your lifeIt’s known that you can consciously choose your attitude on a daily basis. But if you’re like most individuals, you most likely don’t pay that much attention or even care. The majority of us will just allow the circumstances of the day to dictate our attitude for us.

If we happen to get up on time in the morning, everyone and everything falls into place in our home, the car starts, it’s sunny outside, we don’t encounter heavy traffic and get to work on time, then we place ourselves into a good positive mood.

Our coworkers don’t annoy as usual and the boss doesn’t demand too much. The workload for the day appears manageable, and lunch suddenly is just around the corner. Good times.

As the day progresses, there’s no attitude adjustments which are needed on your behalf, this as long as it runs this smoothly until the workday is finally over.

But then, we all know that this isn’t always the case, there are roadblocks, nothing goes as planned. Whatever wrong happens will happen. Situations in our lives hardly ever tend to adhere to our expectations, as accidents, delays, and unforeseen incidents always occur.

We know that our spouses, kids, pets,coworkers, and our bosses always don’t cooperate and can be difficult to behave or please. Traffic clogs up at the most inopportune times, we sleep in, it rains cats and dogs.

Then what happens is that our attitude, our demeanor changes when things don’t go our way.


Controlling Our Attitude
If we don’t choose to consciously make an effort to always project a positive attitude, we then find ourselves getting into a bad mood, we run into the risk of developing a negative attitude, which we project towards others at random.

So how would our lives change for the better if we could consistently chose to have a positive attitude each and every day. To begin with, we would feel a lot better about ourselves.

We’d feel a lot more motivated about pursuing our goals since we would believe in the possibilities for us to make them a reality. We would be able to spend quality time with our friends and families a lot better.

We would feel a lot stronger as well as empowered in our abilities so we can do anything that we set our minds to do. We would have the confidence to be able to overcome any and all challenges.

If we could control our attitude, we could then perform these actions with ease since we have a strong belief in our skills and abilities. We’d be able to carry on without the fear of rejection or being betrayed.

We would then take the time to pause and enjoy the more precious things in life, without feeling pressured that we need to do more, become more, to prove our worthiness.

Choosing To Be Positive
Wow, this sounds absolutely awesome, like a chapter taken out of a best selling self help program. Know that it’s entirely possible to feel this way at all times.

It’s entirely possible, but most likely not in the way which you’re imagining it. This since we choosing to have a positive attitude doesn’t always mean that our lives will magically transform into a smooth flowing art form.

Choosing to have a positive attitude is more of a process. We just don’t choose to do it every once in a while and then expect everything to be perfect beyond that point.

What we’ll experience are setbacks, delays, frustration, while experiencing fatigue and fear. Our downfall being that we choose to react to these experiences.


Do we want or allow them to ruin or destroy our day, or do we rather choose to just pick ourselves up and look towards the future. What we have is the power to choose under these situations.

Overcoming The Drab
So you may be wondering what’s the point of a positive attitude since it will most likely be defeated anyways. This because we’re always experiencing negative circumstances in our lives.

Realize that this is the true beauty which is the creative process. This since whatever it is that we choose to focus on the most, is what we create in our lives.

So Just Choose To Have A Positive Attitude
By just choosing to have a positive attitude on a daily basis, we’re then actually attracting more positive experiences in our lives, while reducing the likelihood of attracting negative experiences.

You may have noticed by now that each experience will often influence the quality of our next life experience, which causes a chain reaction. Also, if one little thing happens to go wrong, it can usually throw everything off for the rest of the day.

In this context, it becomes easier to see how a positive attitude can be just as powerful. Rather than allowing just one little negative thing to ruin our day, why not just shrug it off and then continue if it never happened.

Then It Becomes A Habit
Over time, what this resiliency does is it begins to strengthen us, making us stronger, which then shows up in our demeanor and determination. We then begin attracting people as well as experiences which matches our attitude.

Our lives will then eventually begin transforming into a more positive, more fulfilling expression of joy and reward.

It’s All About A Simple Attitude Shift
It all begins with a shift in attitude. This is a process, start small and be easy on yourself when you choose to adopt a positive attitude. Just focus on developing an awareness of your attitude at every moment of your daily life.

Begin to be more positive at all times and consciously as often as possible. It may take a while to realize the full benefits of this mindset, but it’s time that’s well spent.

Then before you know it, you’ll be one of those individuals who becomes the dictator of their own domain, who’s developed the tenacity and strength to get whatever you want. This by shifting your attitude.


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