How To Control The Volatile Conditions Which Is Holiday Stress

too much stress during the holidaysYou could feel it creeping up on you today, the holidays, the most festive time of year is ticking closer. This is a time of joy, to celebrate, enjoy good cheer with all your loved ones, friends and family, as this feeling frantically closes in on everyone who praises.

This time of the year, especially if one is responsible for planning, can be a time of extreme stress. This is when multi-tasking goes into overload, especially if there’s young children you need to perform magic on, while preparing all the parties flawlessly for the big day.

Just the thought of the holiday gatherings will begin to take a toll on you, as all of your emotions of anxiety triggers and gathers forward to the brink.

Personal issues such as your diet and other body image concerns will usually be placed on the back burner, as you become overwhelmed. Regardless of what you do, you’ll feel that there isn’t enough time to do everything that you’re attempting.

So what needs to be done is to place a halt on these feelings, this by practicing a few simple strategies which doesn’t involved spiked eggnog, which will help you glide through the holiday season this year.

Reserve Time to Relax
Regardless of how busy your day is, always make sure you take a few minutes for yourself, the well deserved me time. You can excuse yourself by doing whatever you enjoy during this time.

Get up thirty minutes earlier, this before the chaos starts, this to have a quiet cup of coffee before the rest of the household erupts. Relax in a hot soapy bath with your headphones on after a long day of errands, or go surf your favorite websites.

Apply guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and then visualize, as all have been proven to be extremely effective in reducing stress, while not taking that much time. Listen to music, this right before bedtime, so you can unwind and drift off to sleep.

If and whenever you’re able to find more time in your schedule, then invest that by taking a yoga class, or a nice soothing massage.

You might even treat yourself to meditate or try biofeedback techniques, which are all proven ways to relax the body and mind effectively without devices or vices.

Try Natural Supplements
Stress is known to batter ones well being, as it can wreak havoc on both your body and mind. So try nutritional supplements which has no side effects.

Some are known to help, this when it comes to stabilizing you on balance while keeping you healthy. There are a select group of mind and body relaxers you can try.

Omega3 Fish Oil – There are numerous studies which confirms that taking supplements which are high in EFA and DHA, which are the healthy residues of fish oil, can help you stay calm under stressful situations.

Fish oil also helps soothe medical conditions such as heart disease and manic moodiness. What most recommend is taking daily doses of 1000 to 2000mg of combined EFA and DHA.

L-theanine – This is an amino acid that’s found most commonly in black or green tea, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety, this based on various reports. What’s recommended is a daily dosage of 200 to 400mg.

Valerian – This is a herb which is gaining popularity worldwide, this because of its potential ability to help improve natural sleep.

Studies show that taking this in supplemental form during the day, might help those feel less anxious once those stressful situations compound. Try taking 600mg of extract or up to 2 grams of root powder daily.


Ginseng – This herb is widely associated to help boost energy, fight fatigue, while reducing the physical effects of stress.

There are studies which suggests that it’s also capable of fighting off colds and flu’s, which are byproducts of stress. Try ginseng tea or tincture of ginseng, which can now be found in most health stores.

Phosphatidylserine – What preliminary research has suggested is that this supplement has the ability to potentially reduce the mind and body’s reaction to mental stress symptoms.

It’s also thought to give a mild helpful boost to improve memory, which can be affected by increased symptoms of anxiety. What’s recommended is taking 100mg daily.

Relax With Caution
For any supplement, what’s always recommended is consulting with your doctor before taking anything new, as there may be potential conflicts with the current medication you’re taking, or if you have a certain medical condition.

The days leading up to the big day can become frantic with activity resulting in exhaustion. So instead on indulging in certain vices which strains the body, what’s recommended are natural relaxation techniques.

Plan On Doing Less
Dialing down your expectations these holidays can make a big difference, this by planning to be more moderate this year. Attend the most important gatherings, but learn to opt out of each and every invite that you receive.

Tell or ask your family and friends that you’re planning on scaling back, becoming more minimal, this instead of the traditional extravagant blowout holiday dinners and parties.

What you’ll most likely find is that others are just as stressed, and everyone might just be relieved once you suggest dressing down.

Also keep in mind that the holidays won’t go on forever, and before you know it, the doldrums which are January along with the cold, will hit you with a thud.

So enjoy your time as this is the festive season, a reason to get together with your cherished loved ones, where all emotions become exposed. So at the very least, just enjoy yourself this holiday season and the New Year.

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