How To Geek Out Technology To Achieve Better Productivity

an efficient workstationNothing can make your work more efficient than taking advantage of the latest technology that’s available. There’s also nothing that could slow you down, than the beast that is digital electronics, which begins to falter and disrupt the workflow process.

Once mounting technical issues arises, solving them rather than getting any work done becomes the issue. To become more productive, it doesn’t mean that you need the most expensive computer available, but rather learning how to be more efficient.

This could be by making just a few adjustments, a tweak here and there on the current technology that you already own, this by making sure that they’re constantly updated and maintained.

What’s not disputed is that you need a computer or laptop that’s as fast and current as possible, with the latest operating system, the best you can afford should be sufficient.

The Efficiency Of The Workstation
Make sure that the computer is updated or upgraded to be quick in response. It ideally should have plenty of RAM, and self updating security applications.

What more RAM does is processes your emails quicker, surfs the Internet without crashing, while running all your programs without lag or hiccups.

Workplace Flow
Take a look around your work space or office, and determine how you can be more productive. Decide what’s important such as a good keyboard, large monitor, or a comfortable ergonomic chair.


Most often, all you need are just a few minor alterations to your immediate surroundings and technical appliances.

The Latest Hardware
This is what drives you, and the number one techie “need” when it comes to productivity, which is an efficient desktop computer or laptop.

Your computer is obviously the core of your everyday work production. So if it’s slow, outdated, doesn’t have adequate memory, or uses an older operating system, it will turtle you down.

You simply just won’t get as much work done, even if you have a fast Internet connection, as it will just continue to crunch and crash.

So you need to upgrade to the best you can afford. What’s preferred is at least 4GB of RAM, and the latest processing core such as Intel’s Corei5 or Core i7.

Invest In A Functional Keyboard And Mouse
Secondary hardware accessories that should be considered important is a good tactical keyboard and a quick responsive mouse.

There’s nothing more annoying than using a cheap mechanical keyboard, where the keys get stuck on occasion because you spilled soda pop or dropped a few cake crumbs on it. If your mouse is clunky, then get one that’s precise and ergonomic.

If you exclusively use a laptop, don’t use its keyboard unless you need to. The onboard keyboard is meant for mobile use, so if you’re in the office, connect an external keyboard and mouse for more accuracy.

Get A Quality Monitor
This is what you stare at for most of the day, so its importance is more vital than the other hardware devices, this to maximize your work performance.

What’s recommended is the biggest monitor with the best response rate that you can afford, or fits on your desktop.


If you use a laptop because of portability, you can get away with using the laptop screen, but it’s recommended that you use a stationary monitor at work or at home, which you can easily connect to.

What a large screen does is reduces the strain on your eyesight and brain, as it will display all the fine details without needing to squint, this especially if you do graphics or crunch numbers.

By using a larger screen, you can also multitask a few windows at a time, such as catching up on your emails while having a split screen to surf the Internet.

Getting Quick Internet And Wi-Fi Signal
Once your hardware is in place, you need the quickest Internet connection that’s available in your area, such as a 200MB connection, as the expense is well worth it.

Get the latest routing hardware so the Wi-Fi flows efficiently to everyone in the office. So the second most important piece of hardware is the router networking the computers.

Always Protect Yourself
• Use maximum strength passwords which are at least 12 characters long. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Change your passwords frequently. Make sure they’re different for your devices and social media etc.

• Protect your router with a strong WPA2 password. Not just the network password but the router password as well. Hide your network so it won’t appear on the network list.

• Update your software immediately once you get a notification. It’s usually a security fix, this especially if it’s your router firmware or security software.

• Disconnect all your devices when not in use, although that may not always be possible. Doing so protects your most sensitive personal and proprietary information from intrusion.

Office Furnishings
What you need is to save the discomfort, the wear and tear on your body, this combined with a quick laptop, lightening fast Internet connection, and functional hardware accessories.

What these conveniences does is reduces angst on the mind which harms work productivity. What’s also important is to comfort your physical body, this especially if you sit all day.

If the chair is uncomfortable and your constantly adjusting your position, this can rob you of your time and productivity, this more than a lack of RAM can.

So you need to invest in a comfortable ergonomic chair, one which envelopes your body type, so you can sit as comfortable as possible for extended periods of time.

Work related injuries from poor body posture sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day long, remains one of the leading causes why employees miss work.

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