Reasons Why Your Angst Should Be Contempt With Gratitude

learning to feel betterThere’s a glow that some people have, they just can’t explain why, and perhaps you yourself have felt this way for a while now. Or maybe you’re feeling uncertain, a little lost, that your life is staggering out of direction and you’re unable to see clarity.

Perhaps that feeling of anxiety is overwhelming you right now, this regarding the future. What you need to strive for daily is to make the most, take advantage of this uncertain yet precious life, but are held back by the fears of failure or that you’re inadequate.

It’s natural and reactionary to experience these bouts of the great unknown, questioning the dissatisfaction of your life. Once this happens however, we brand it as going through tough times.

To Not Feel Adequate
So what actions can you take once things appear to become dim and you can’t help but feel dismal, this in certain failing areas of your life.

What’s known is that there’s a simple solution to this that’s proven effective. Rather than focusing your mind on what is wrong with your life, instead, focus more on the things that are going right.

This doesn’t need to be macro or material, but paying more attention to all the smaller everyday blessings that are usually taken for granted.

Then you’ll begin to think less about what your missing in life, but more on things that you already have and can build on. So focus on the small wins and you’ll begin to think that you aren’t doing that badly after all.

You’re Living Breathing Proof
You’re alive and progressing at this moment of time in history, and that’s something to smile about. You’re able to breathe clean crisp fresh air.

Breathing and revitalizing is what most take for granted, until perhaps, we begin to struggle with this gift. So go celebrate this extraordinary benefit of living another day.

You Feed Yourself Daily
The next time that you eat something, which probably isn’t too long from now, be thankful that you’re able to feed on the things you like whenever you feel hunger.

You know there are those around the world who are deprived of this essential right, where feeling full is a rarity to them. So never take it for granted that you’re able to enjoy a hot nutritional dinner, as it’s 5PM somewhere.

Access To Fresh Water
Pure clean water is also what many take for granted, something that we have access to, as water is the equation of life, and for many around the planet, it’s a commodity not available to them.

So the next time you quench your thirst by drinking a cool crisp glass of drinking water, feel fortunate that you’re able to do so.

A Nice Cool Shower Or Hot Bath
Since this clean water is in abundance, we’re able to bath in it, or take an invigorating shower whenever we need to.

If you dwell on how unfortunate you are, realize there are many who consider bathing a privilege, while you’re able to afford the luxury of cleansing yourself daily.

Sleeping In A Safe Secure Warm Bed
Not to stress these points, but not everyone has the comfort of coming home from a long exhausting day of work, earning money, and then throwing themselves onto their comfortable cozy bed.

This has become so regular and routine for us that we take it for granted becoming mundane. But how would you feel if you didn’t have a snug bed to sleep in every night.


Realize that for many, that’s not a reality, even in this country. So as you lay yourself down to sleep, anxious about your circumstance, tucked up and all worrisome in your bed, instead, think how good it feels.

You Have Security
What you have is a safe roof over your head which doesn’t leak, in a secure protected neighborhood. This roof keeps you isolated and hidden from the external dangers of this world.

You’re protected from the elements, from the environmental and human hazards, as you safely live in the stability of the walls of your home.

You Are Loved And Appreciated
Often, when you’re down, you may attempt to convince yourself otherwise, but there’s no denying that there are certain people who love you, and are looking out for you.

It could be family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, hopefully your partner. Feel you are loved, as this feeling is one of the most significant blessings of our life.

The feeling of love is the very essential core of living a fulfilling life, so make sure that you never take it for granted by squandering it.

You Have Choices
Having freedom is perhaps the biggest luxury that many take for granted in this modern society, this in the part of the world that we live in. We have the freedom to choose.

What we do for a career, what we consume, who we hang out with, the passion or vices we pursue, the right to love who we want, have children, choose where we live. Our entire lives are open to making choices.

In the past and still in various parts of the world, freedom wasn’t and isn’t a choice, or most of the choices are based on surviving for another day.

However, for the majority of us living in the free world at this time, we’re able to do whatever we want based strictly on what makes us happy.

See, your life isn’t that bad after all. You have most of these privileges, so take a moment to ask yourself what else that you can be thankful for. There’s always reasons to celebrate life, so just be grateful.

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