Know How To Apply The Leading Trends In Online Advertising

using mobile marketingIt doesn’t matter on what side of the advertising ledger you’re on. If you’re a strict marketer, a business searching for clients, or the end consumer looking to buy something. What’s now felt are the extensive reaches of online marketing by using Internet technology.

Advertising is flipping and changing its stance at rates which are warp speed. This is now the Golden Age when it comes to digital advertising, as what it represents are a variety of economic methods, which reaches far beyond the traditional TV, print, or radio.

When it comes to businesses, it’s never been easier or more affordable to advertise precisely to their clients with pinpoint accuracy. The reason for this being the aggregated collection of data.

What the Internet collects is an unprecedented amount of organized consumer input, which is instantly available for anyone who wants it. All you need is to know what you want and where to find it.

“Big Brother” Advertising
What’s now becoming true are the fictional predictions which were depicted in print and films. What’s now readily available and a tad creepy is that there’s now a digital hyper-personalized profile of your life which is integrated online. It’s not complete, but close.

So because of these advancements in technology, it’s becoming a field day for advanced marketers, who can now accurately target their ideal customer with sniper like precision.

Know Your Exact Intentions
Anyone with Internet access most likely uses the search engines on a daily basis. Every time that you search for anything, what you’re leaving is a digital fingerprint, revealing your intent.

This can be buying a sweater, searching for the next vacation destination, or looking to learn something. What you’re doing is telling the search engines exactly what you’re thinking and wanting to do.

Search engines then collect all this data, this based on the exact keywords that you enter, and will sell them to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisers, or will rank their web pages accordingly.

So if you’re planning to advertise, start by learning all you can on what your ideal customers are searching for, the latest trends, this by using the various keyword tools available.

What you can retrieve is enough data to understand the intent of what they want. Once you know, you can then place targeted messages in front of them, this by media advertising.

Reverse Engineer Who They Are
Similar to intent, everyone gives away information on who they are. Every time anyone posts a picture on Facebook, what we’re broadcasting is not only their profile, but also disclosing valuable personal data to the advertising companies.

This is what the search engines and social platforms do, is that they collect all this information so they could resell it for profit.

What marketers then know are your exact interests, along with precise demographic information such as your age, gender, education, income, etc.

Social Media Reveals All
Almost everyone is either on LinkedIn or Facebook. Everyone who is anyone, or has held a job, leaves a digital trail that anyone can obtain, as social media is the biggest rolodex in the world.

So regardless if you’re advertising to businesses or consumers, you can know exactly what your potential clients do, and use that to your advantage. You can find out where they work, how much they earn, what they’re spending habits are.

Know Where They Are
Realize that your mobile phone that’s in your pocket acts as a tracking device, an electronic leash, that’s also capable of making phone calls. Mobile devices along with the apps which are installed on them, reveals exactly where you are at all times.


What smartphones do is reveal a steady stream of geo-locational user data, this to the grid. This information is being used by savvy businesses as they’re able to stalk where you are, and feed your nuances.

The law could target and track exactly where anyone is. Stores at the mall to could deliver coupons or discounts on your mobile the instance you walk near their store. Advertisers can track you like a bloodhound, and precisely geo-target their ads.

Marketing To “Cyber” Talk
What we constantly do is talk about what we’re doing in real-time, and do so online. What anyone can do is listen to this cyber talk.

Anyone can track the exact online conversations that you’re having right now. So what marketers look for are the “buyer” intent keywords related to their product.

What these advertisers are doing is running ad campaigns from tweets for instance, searching for keywords such as “I’m starving” or “I’m hungry,” this if they operate a pizza restaurant.

What they’ll then do is”push” out mobile coupons to those who are nearby their restaurant, who are using these cyber keyword conversations. Any marketer can do so with any product.

Tracking Where You’ve Been Online
What everyone wonders is how certain ads will follow them around the Internet. These are “retargeting” ads for products which you’ve shown interest in buying, but didn’t.

Once you visit a site, what marketers will do is embed a pixel code on your computer, which identifies that you were interested in their product.

Then they’ll find out where you hangout online, usually Facebook, and will then show the same ads to you, this in the hopes to pull you back to their site, so you’ll buy the product.

Knowledge Remains King
Knowledge holds immense power in the digital world. Know where to look, and there’s immense data that you can obtain.

Most businesses however aren’t taking advantage of this yet, while providing immense results for those who do.

So flip the switch, and realize that your current advertising methods are not effectively targeting clients, and get on the leading edge of these digital methods.

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