How To Overcome Social Anxiety In An Anxious World

Someone just looks at you wrong, different, that slightest glare, their tone of voice, the smallest gesture can set you off in a tailspin of insecurity. This can produce self-deliberating thoughts of doubt, which makes you want to curl up and fall into a turmoil.

This can be common, as even the most gregarious or professional of individuals can at times feel bouts of doubt.

Many secretly suffer from feelings of insecurity, awkwardness, and become self consciousness.

It’s severity can become phobia like, from not speaking to certain people, to avoiding humanity altogether.

This dark beast that is social anxiety can cause bouts of claustrophobia and paranoia.

This to the point of hysterics, where just going to the grocery store or riding a bus packed full of people, becomes frightening.

The heart races, the forehead sweats, the muscles become tense. The eyes become glassy while blinking rapidly, as the blood pressure elevates to the point of fainting.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

These are the dreary depths of social anxiety some experience on a daily basis.

A common condition, perhaps someone you know and may not suspect, is suffering from right now.

So the frantic search is to find a solution, to get over this social disorder. What’s apparent, is there’s a lot of bad information out there, poor advice the Internet spews.

But there’s also accurate information worth discovering, passages for hopefully a cure, a reduction in the mystique that is peer paranoia.

Patience Be Practiced

When you become overanxious you become impatient, so it becomes difficult to recover “slow and steady.”

Most likely, you want a quick and easy fix, such as a magical pill to overcome the pain of social anxiety. But there’s no such easy solution.

Sure, you can meditate or practice yoga for an hour every day, but to make long-lasting changes, you need to sit back and become willing to consciously recover gradually.

Overcoming social anxiety needs patience, as it can at times take years, sometimes a lifetime.

What’s needed is a deep long-term commitment of mindfulness, as the healing becomes profound.


Introspect Within First

Avoid developing your outer shell during this process. Avoid wearing better clothes, a trendy haircut, dancing shoes, this in the attempts to appeal to others. Avoid attracting attention.

These are just false exterior changes which are superficial. You need to work on evolving your intestinal fortitude first, by altering your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions.

What needs to be discovered and developed are the “selfs.” such as:

• self-awareness
• self-exploration
• self-understanding
• self-discovery
• self-love
• self-esteem

and then ultimately self-mastery and self-transformation.

These paths are non-linear, as they’re all interconnected and will weave back and forth along the journey.

You’ll learn to begin loving yourself, while focusing on your core self-exploration evolving beliefs.

Embrace Your Imperfections

Loving yourself and acceptance are bound together. It begins with forgiving yourself for your previous failures, your flaws and imperfections.

Get rid of the awkwardness, the shame and the self-consciousness, before you can truly begin healing yourself.

Discover and write down everything you hate about yourself, then everything you love about yourself regardless of how insignificant.

Perhaps you love your creativity, style, empathy, sense of humor, and all the other traits and talents you have.

To reprogram your mind, you need to invite all the good in, before you chase the bad out.

Start a journal with the first sentence beginning with. “I love to do this…” Reward yourself every time you succeed at something, anything, this by quiet affirmation.

You Are Worthy

Never oppose those who you can’t live up to, as that’s just an illusion. Regardless of who you are, you can be its human equivalent.

You’re just as valuable and important as any other person on the planet.

This regardless of who they are, how popular or attractive they may be, how wealthy or famous they’ve become. Think yourself as being just as worthy.

Become Uncomfortable First

Once you begin to face all of your fears with courage, you’re immediately gifted with a feeling of pride. Instead of sabotaging yourself, take steps in making yourself stronger.

There’s nothing as tragic or demeaning as cowardly giving up on yourself, not growing, even though you’ll be safer as a result.

Instead, slowly begin exposing yourself to becoming uncomfortable and awkward around others, and not care.

This To Will Pass

Becoming more mindful, allows you to recognize the onset of fear and obsessive thought.

You suffer because you resist your true feelings. Once you recognize and deal with them, you’ll become empowered.

Expanding your mind under the right conditions, is an excellent way of increasing your self-awareness, when fighting against those uncomfortable thoughts or feelings.

It’s Them Not You

If someone becomes judgmental, malicious, or unkind towards you, that’s a reflection of their current mindset and not yours.

How they act is how that person currently feels about themselves, which mirrors how they respond to you.

Those who treat others with kindness, respect, and genuine love at all times, treats themselves with kindness, respect, and genuine love, in volume.

Similarly, those who display hatred, bitterness, and prejudice, are insecure individuals who’ll instantly judge others severely. They’re in more pain than you are.

Continue To Be Mindful

It becomes easy to default back into a self-victimization pattern. So avoid those who are miserable or negative, as all they want is to drag you down to their level of despair.

Once you begin to cast blame on others for how you feel about yourself, you’re instantly refusing to take any of the responsibility into your own hands.

It’s up to you to heal yourself. There’s no one else who ultimately cares about you, not even your clinician, unless you’re willing to help yourself first.

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