How To Set Up Your Google+ Plus Brand Page For Businesses

GooglePlusbrandingyourbusinessGoogle liking you can be important to your businesses health on the Internet. The search engine has gained exponential prominence, popularity and importance, so much so that the actual word itself is now a verb. The majority who are on the Internet will routinely use Google to search and discover quick and accurate information about products, people, facts and businesses.

If you’ve been living under your desk lately, Google+ Plus is the search engines new social networking service which exceeds everything else they’ve done. Now you’re able to create your own company or business page to communicate directly with your customers, sharing all your new and breaking news, while informing your audience of your latest promotions, all which increases exposure to your online presence.

So you can easily begin setting up your own business on Google+ Plus. Here are a few key primary benefits of what Google+ brand pages can do for you.

Setting Up Your Google+ Brand Page
Google and their search engine offers you a variety of methods to bringing focused people to your new Google+ brand page. For instance, Google+ Direct Connect allows those interested to be able to add a plus (+) sign to the beginning of their Google search, followed by your business name, which will automatically route the customer or client directly to your Google+ page, such as “+Mary’sShoeStore” which would instantly bring up Mary’s Shoe Store Google+ page.

All of the Google+ Brand pages are also included in Google’s natural search results as well. So for those customers who may still be unfamiliar with the Plus+ query, they will still be able to find your G+ company pages if they’re using the traditional search methods.

Google also incorporates all of the Google+ features into its Chrome, Android and Gmail platforms as well, for example the Google+ app for Android enabled smartphones, and as an extension for the Chrome OS.

Google+ Circles Are Cool
Using Circles, Google+ will automatically provide various group options for: Customers, Followers, Teams, and VIPs etc. So this way, you’ll be able to categorize your consumers and your clients to prevent the potential of “spamming” your followers with inappropriate messages which may or may not apply to them.


For instance, you can offer your special promotions limited just to the “VIP” circle group. Google+ also allows you to set up custom circles, this way, you’ll be able to separate your followers by key demographics, such as, women who are between the ages 30 to 45, or create different circles for the various types of products which you offer.

Video Chat In Real-Time
Google Hangouts is an excellent feature which is offered by Google+ brand pages. This is because Hangouts gives your clients and customers the opportunity to talk with your fans in real time regarding your business, or to you directly via Video Chat.

You’re able to invite up to 10 clients for a dedicated video-conference session. For instance, if you operate a specialized consulting service, you can then invite a group of your most loyal clients who may have questions regarding what type of services you offer.

You can set up weekly discussions at a specific time, such as every Tuesday afternoon, where you or an employee would be available to video chat with these clients and answer all their questions.

Or let’s say your a chef who operates a specialized catering service and you’re wanting to get people involved in what the best methods are to utilize your service. You could then host a weekly video chat “Hangout” session where you’re actively preparing the gourmet dish of the week and then answering any questions which the viewers may have. The Google+ Hangouts video chat feature is also excellent for announcements and contests.

Google+ Images, Photos and More
Google+ also offers built-in integration directly with YouTube, which is where the majority of businesses will store most of their online videos. Picasa is included as well, which is Google’s dedicated photo-sharing website.

This integration makes it extremely easy to share videos as well as your photos throughout all of the multiple online Google venues. By comparison, although this type of link integration is possible and available using Twitter or Facebook, but the process of doing so requires a lot more work, such as shortening the Web URL or by sending the customer off from your brand page to another one. All of the various multimedia options will help you to engage customers that visit your page.

Some Google+ Do’s and Don’ts
Here are some tips which you should be following when posting content to Google+ Plus

Google+ Do’s
• You should be constantly updating your Google+ brand page with relevant important announcements, new product introductions, and other pertinent exciting news items
• Make sure that you set up various Circles and then create dedicated posts
tailored towards the given demographic or group
• Make sure that you incorporate your videos as well as your photos which will help build the image of your business

Google+ Don’ts
• You should never “spam” your Circles with useless news which won’t help them, or build up your brand in any way that won’t interest them
• Never attempt to sell something with each and every post that you make since your primary goal is to engage your readers to interact with your business instead
• Don’t ever ignore the comments from your followers. Reader engagement, feedback and interaction is always valuable for growing your business


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